Palidor's Knights

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Squad Details
Tag @PK
Status Active
Squad Leader(s) Camaro
Squad Leader(s)
Cadet Advisor(s) Arkof
Recruiting details
Currently Recruiting Yes.
Accepting Applications Yes.
Application Requirements Must have completed CDT and must have a good attitude. Exceptions for established veterans (only for the first part though).
Last Updated
December 31st, 2011

Palidor's Knights was founded by FireWynd with the help of BaronWaste. FireWynd started playing Allegiance during Open Beta, and was lucky enough to start two days before the AZ/FZ cutoff (February 5th, 2000). During this time he joined the AZ squad named The Belters lead by the infamous davidsa3(GeMiNii).

With the retirement of this squad from the AZ with a record of 39-1, FireWynd canceled his AZ account. He almost quit Allegiance when Jihaad retired, and played very few games. He missed playing with his friends and having the squad feeling. FireWynd decided that squads and teamwork were what Allegiance is all about, and so made his own squad to let others enjoy the same experience as he had. FireWynd never meant for Palidor's Knights (PK) to become as strong as it did.

As of June 2001 FireWynd officially retired as Squad Leader, and BaronWaste was appointed. A short time afterwards, BaronWaste had the squad vote on a new set of Assistant Squad Leaders. With a resounding vote (of no less than 75%), all three ASL's, DR_Orion, Angel_of_V, and ShotgunDelta, were elected to their positions as the squad was officially moved into the realm of AZ (Allegiance Zone) Squad play.

The Knights, along with Black Shadow and the German Borg, have remained active since their creation in the earlier days of Allegiance. They continue to recruit pilots and consolidate their forces. Many of their members are deeply involved in the community as they host servers, design new factions and help with the code. Almost four years later, the Knights continue on, rebuilding their forces. BaronWaste has long since retired. He only makes casual appearances, but for the most part stays to himself. Shotgun had assumed Squad leadership and held the position for over three years, stepping down in August of 2005. Aeris stepped in to fill the role and lead PK through a very competitive period. In Feb of 2010, Aeris stepped down, appointing SaiSoma as interim SL while a permanent SL could be found. On Feb 28, 2010, Saxy37 took up the reigns as the Squad Leader of Palidor's Knights and currently rules. Long live Saxy!

In June 2008, Palidor's Knights competed alongside SRM in the Squadron Doubles Tournament. This partnership proved effective as PK+SRM won the competition with a record of four wins and no losses.

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