Mos Eisley Cantina

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Squad Details
Tag @MEC
Status Active
Squad Leader(s) cashto
Squad Leader(s)
Cadet Advisor(s)
Recruiting details
Currently Recruiting Yes
Accepting Applications Yes. Talk to your nearest @MEC member today!
Application Requirements Easier to get into than Arizona State!
Last Updated
3rd, 2013
We're not your classic heroes. We're the other guys.

Mos Eisley Cantina was formed in February of 2011 by the merger of Wildcards and Slipshod Research & Mining. Although some say that you will not find a more wretched hive of scum and villany, we like to think of ourselves as a motley crew of merely misunderstood misfits. We never shrink before a fight, and we're well-known for having one of the most consistent squad game turnouts in Allegiance.

What does "MEC" stand for?

The meaning of the "C" in "MEC" was a hotly-debated question at the time of the squad merger. "Crew", "corporation", "conglomerate", and "confederacy" were all floated as possiblities. According to the official articles of incorporation and original paperwork on file at FAZ headquarters, MEC's name is listed as "Mos Eisley Consortium". "Mos Eisley Cantina" is also a commonly-seen variant.

Alternatively, MEC stands for Mudkipz Enthusiasts Club. This was especially in vogue during the time Elzam and Cindy were active in the squad.

Meet the team:

  • cashto: the current Dear Leader and primary game commander
  • TurkeyXIII: field commander and number one kangaroo
  • Vortrog: resident curmudgeon, scout whore, and number two kangaroo
  • History: bomber and special ops master chief
  • DusanC: chief financial officer -- responsible for making sure every last penny gets spent!
  • Xivillion and kramari: "the muscle". In charge of disassembling ships and making pods.
  • TheSerb: former @ACE player, hasn't played for years, but remains @MEC team mascot
  • SRM_Teej: TJ Butler, former SL and spiritual center of the squad, passed away Dec 2011

What's with the Rix Tac?

In November 2010, shortly before the merger, ACE suffered a discouraging defeat at the hands of SF, in large part due to Dusan's failure to bring enough missles on a critical bomb run.

The team was a desparate funk. The regular game commander at the time, cashto (who was absent for the game), rallied the troops:

Hahahah. You guys fail so hard!
If I hear SF refered to one more time as a "superior squad" I'm going to :puke:
Next week I'm going to punish you all by going Rix, and Dusan in particular by going tac. PURE tac. Yes! You will learn the lessons from last Sunday. You will defend cons. You will spot bomb runs. You will kill carriers. But I will not stop there. I will stretch you to the limit. I will take your missles away and teach you to aim like real men. I will teach you maggots to use SR scouts correctly. You will learn to roflpwn enemy miner o swarms by dual-proxing alephs in your sfs. You will learn to hustle. The only thing you won't have to learn is how to bring enough AB missles because you won't have any.
You may think I'm kidding. I'm not asking you, I'm telling you what's up. Better get to studying the SysX game because that's exactly what I will expect of you.

Cue '80s movie training montage. The Wildcards got a crash course in Rix Tac. Everyone threw themselves into the project. The very next week, ACE went up against BS ... and lost that game too.

It was a very memorable game, but cashto has not been allowed to command Rix Tac in a squad game ever since. Though he sometimes threatens it when the squad gets unruly ...

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