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25th, 2010

The Roman Legion, often referred to by their tag of SPQR (which means 'Senatus Populusque Romanus' or 'The Senate and Roman People'), or simply "Spork," was the newest squad in Allegiance until the formation of Dark Side of the Moon. It consisted mostly of newer players, although it did contain several more experienced pilots. Unfortunately, it disbanded in late November 2009.

Squad History

Like many new players Andon, the founder of SPQR, attempted to form a squad upon first joining the FAO forums. After being told that he should go through Cadet and play for a while before attempting to form a squad he did just that; making his first recruit, the co-Squad Leader 'The_Fuzz' during the Cadet class. Another fellow member of the Cadet class, Dawife, eventually became co-Squad Leader as well.

After Cadet, Andon joined Rolling Thunder and Fuzzy joined Slipshod Research and Mining, where both spent several months as part of the squad. In mid January of 2008, Andon began recruiting for SPQR, ending up with the minimum number of pilots, 15, in less than two days. By the time the squad was formalized, it had grown to 29 members, the same number as Slipshod Research and Mining had at the time.

Just six months after the squad formed, Andon left The Legion to return to Rolling Thunder, prompting anger from many in the squad. It seemed the only reason Andon created the squad was to “prove it could be done.” Kramari (who was ASL at the time) filled the void by becoming co-SL and with the rest of the SPQR Command staff, helped the squad through the confusion that followed.

The Roman Legion celebrated its first anniversary in February 2009. It had recruited heavily, and was a blend of new players and members of the original 29. While the squad gained strength for a time, it ran into growing difficulty by the following Autumn. Many squad members wanted to disband, but Cheezits assumed command in an attempt to rebuild SPQR. Unfortunately this proved impossible, and Cheezits, weighted with growing real-life responsibilities, had to announce the final disbanding of The Roman Legion in late November.

Spork is fondly remembered for bravely undertaking a difficult task, and refusing to give up on it in the face of adversity and drama.

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