Knights Who Say NI

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Squad Details
Tag @NI
Status 100% Active
Squad Leader(s) Dome
Squad Leader(s)
Cadet Advisor(s) TheAlaskan
Website None.
Recruiting details
Currently Recruiting Yes.
Accepting Applications Maybe.
Application Requirements Must not be Clint.
Last Updated
October 27th, 2012


Some squads are dedicated to winning each and every game, regardless of whether they actually like each other. Some squads are dedicated to having fun, first and foremost. NI does either, both, or neither.


In the fall of 2011, from the aftermath of decades of strife within Allegiance's long-time best squad (now second best of course) a new dawn began to take shape. Several pilots joined together through a common bond of respect, friendship, and dislike of megalomaniac commanders (who only click randomly in F5 and don't actually command), were tired of being persecuted for their beliefs (and good looks).

Dome, MastaMetz, and TheAlaskan eventually split from XenoTech with the goal of establishing a new squadron that didn't urinate all over itself when presented with challenges, the new glory now known as The Knights Who Say NI (@NI) was created. As the new squad began to take shape, several pilots from XT saw the light including PsycHosis and Ryu (who rocks), as well as a solid mix of other pilots, both long-time mercs and clueless Euros (for Metz's entertainment).


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