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The Wiki is a resource for new players. It has articles:

Explaining what the game is
Explaining how to download and install
Covering most of newbies' FAQ
Links to where they can learn gameplay material
A copy of the Cadet I training program

A repository of technical information, for example:

Troubleshooting guide

A repository of community history, for example:

General history
Zone games
Tournament results

Community related information:

Squads, Current events, enforcement issues, etc.

A repository of development information

Changelogs, etc.

Guides to using Alleg-related programs

Teamspeak, Map Editor, ICE, etc.

Allegwiki was established in September 2007 and since then has grown vastly in breadth and scope. Originally it was designed to replace the cumbersome Knowledge Base but it has gradually had more articles added to it until it rivals the Academy in content. The wiki is still somewhat unorganised but can be broken down into several key sections as shown on the table on the right.

Content policy

Allegwiki is designed as a reference source whether it be tech support, squad information, community history, or whatever. As such there are no training guides on the wiki (with the exception of the Cadet I training guide and the Allegiance Command School).

You may feel free to add anything you like to Allegwiki as long as it is factual, as opposed to advice on playing the game. If you add something borderline you will be contacted by an Allegwiki moderator to discuss your contribution.


There are only two rules, but there are plenty of guidelines (see below).

  1. You cannot edit if your forum post count is less than 50 (exception being people who're Supporters).
  2. You cannot move or delete pages, or upload files. If you need any of these tasks done contact one of the Allegwiki moderators.

See also


  • Approval: You don't need approval before adding a new article. "As everybody in a Zone knows, you don't need some badge to do @#(!, you first do @#(! and then you get the badge."
  • Be bold! So says Wikipedia. If you see a mistake, be it a fact or a typo, change it. Don't leave it to someone else to clean up mistakes. Feel free to make changes. If you think an article needs a major rewrite, then if you think you can do it, go ahead and do it. You can also use the discussion (talk) page to post suggestions.
  • Categories: When editing a page, stop to think about what categories it should be included in, and add them if necessary. Don't forget to consider categories that don't yet exist.
  • Discussion: Unlike most wikis, clicking the discussion link on a page will automatically create a new forum thread about the article. Since no one likes the forum cluttered by empty threads, only click discussion if you actually have something to discuss!
  • English: Should you use American English, or Rest-of-the-World English? Use whatever is comfortable for you.
  • Fulfill: Don't create one line articles that aren't linked to from any other page, nor link out to any other page.
  • Greed shall not be your motivation, but grace shall.
  • Headings: Organize the content of each page into sections of related information. After the introduction, use appropriate headings for each section, and follow the Naming style of this guide. Keep number of headings to a minimum, consider a list or a table if you have many repetitive facts.
  • Images: Only Allegwiki moderators can upload images, but that doesn't stop you creating them and handing them on. Use your photoshop skills to create beautiful, relevant pictures!
  • Jealousy: Don't be shocked if someone rewrites or removes your article; your hard work is not lost.
  • Kudos: Remember to give proper reference to external websites if relevant.
  • Links: Although it is good to fill your article with links, it is easy to get carried away. If you want to turn a word into a link, only do so for its first appearance in the article, not every single time it crops up (unless of course the article is extremely long).
  • Minor edits: If you are making small changes, such as correcting typos, check the This is a minor edit box that is near the Save button.
  • Naming: The titles of new pages should be singular nouns, with only the first word capitalized. Example: Squad leader, not "Squad Leader" or "Squad leaders". The exceptions are terms that are always plural and proper nouns. Getting the wrong name can mean extra redirects and always means a page move.
  • Ordinarily there would be an excellent guideline here.
  • Preview: Use the preview button to check for typos. Avoid cluttering the history of a page with multiple edits.
  • Redundancy: Before creating a new page, do a search to find out if the topic is already discussed in detail somewhere else. If you find that redundant pages already exist, merge their content and have one redirect to the other. This rule also refers to redundant material inside pages.
  • Timelessness: The wiki is intended as a guide for all players, now and in the future. Use of phrases like "recently", "currently" and "now" should be avoided, as they quickly render the article out of date.
  • Universal: Although Allegiance is primarily an American game it is now played by people around the world, including both hemispheres. When talking about the time of year use the name of the month, as words like "Spring" and "Fall" are not relevant to many players.
  • Verify, always make sure your work is correct.
  • Wit: Humour can be hard to recognise once it has been written down. Avoid using tongue-in-cheek, smart-ass commentary, etc. as it will undoubtedly be taken the wrong way by someone.
  • Xylophone: I reckon the only reason they still exist is so preschoolers can learn the alphabet.
  • Yogurt: is good for you.
  • Zorro may have made his mark everywhere, but there is no need for you to sign your own work here.