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Xt icon.jpg
Squad Details
Tag @XT
Status Pissed Off Angry
Squad Leader(s) Blake420
Squad Leader(s)
Cadet Advisor(s) TheVoid
Website None.
Recruiting details
Currently Recruiting The Wicked.
Accepting Applications The Crooked.
Application Requirements Must have wrestled a mountain lion with bare hands and won.
Last Updated
October 10th, 2012

XT originally formed during the AZ days and were the only squad who managed to beat Jihaad. They disbanded about the same time as the AZ disappeared.

Elephanthead and Duckwarrior thought of the idea of reforming XT during a pickup game one day and Elephanthead took the lead in requesting a forum up and squad status. Duckwarrior suddenly found himself in two squads not realizing how serious Elephanthead was about starting XT up again. As the co-squad leaders found themselves in an undermanned squad they brought in Romeo who started recruiting. Rumor spread and XT-vets were approached and signed up for this rebirth even leaving other squads for this gargantuan undertaking (Raindog, MadAccountant, Kumquat). Other players came to the XT banner as well (Agri, Snack, Fullmark, LordFraybin). Elephanthead, happy in creating chaos, left the management with his recruits. MadAccountant was appointed the resident talking head (XT-speak for squadleader/figurehead).

XT continued to recruit top players over the next year (thanks to Romeo's and Kumquat's efforts) but during this time some players became disillusioned with the direction the squad was going. Leadership changed and a few players left to form the WildCards.

XT has earned a reputation of being the "Bad Boy Squad" of Allegiance. XT holds many skilled players and is always a major force in squad games. Their attitude of recruitment is "Don't call us, we will call you". Some of the major characters in the game reside here.

Weedman's opinion is that $%#@ doesn't matter and regardless of what anyone says he will simply tell you that XT is a beast. Kick his balls and they will get bigger.

Elephanthead was in, I think GB, I was in BS, playing a euro daytime game. Ele at this time was using an XT avatar on the forum, pretty cool, since the squad was defunct at this time, like wearing an Atari T-Shirt, but better. I made some wisecracks about how XT wouldn't have lost that base or miner or constructor or something, Ele said. "Shall we reform XT Duck?" I wasn't sure if he was joking when I agreed, but he dropped from the game there and then, he said to PM Pook. I log in the next day to find a squad forum for XT that I have access to, also, when I join the game with an @XT tag, I have the SL symbol before my name. After asking around (Pook mainly), apparently Ele and I are joint squad leaders, of a squad of two... go us!

I remember Romeo joining pretty soon afterwards. Several old school XT joined up at about the same time, I can vaguely remember Ele saying he had sent out some PM's, MadAcc, BV[1] and Raindog moving over from BS, Kummy from SysX, ugli joining, etc. Agri joined because he was mad at the LWMS/SysX merger, Snack, well, because we were actually engaged at this time in real-life, oh and he had had a tiff with GB over them not liking his idea for the squad to wear matching pink leotards for squad games, or something. Fullmark came onboard after TCX19 imploded.

My reason for being a part of XT's re-birth was that SysX and LWMS, two of the strongest squads, at a time when the games playerbase was diminishing, had just amalgamated. To me they now appeared to be pretty much unstoppable. This was slightly ironic, since SysX had originally been formed to combat the rampant dominance of Jihaad in game. There had been an informal SysX v the world game relatively recently, and a pretty, ahem, hotly debated thread on the boards. Basically it boiled down to some SysX guys, I seem to remember FoxFour, Ircy and Spunky being fairly vocal over SysX beating massively overwhelming odds, and some others.. OK, Snack, (alright there were others, but it was a long time ago) having at them, over what they saw as SysX gloating after beating a lot of less experienced players.

Anyway, in my mind at least, a big part of why XT was reformed was to give some competition to SystemX, and in that, it has been successful.

— Quoted from Duckwarrior
1  ·   BlackViper (BV) was actually squadleader of BS at the time of the XT rebirth. Romeo and he communicated by phone frequently discussing the player transfer and how to best do it as taking players from another squad didn't sit well with Romeo. Sometime later BV resigned from BS and joined XT.

In October 2011 several XT pilots split from the squad to form Ni.

XT disbanded in June 2012 after a couple of months of declining activity, some of which can be attributed to losing many active members when Ni split from the squad.

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