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Squads in Allegiance are community recognised groups of players who play regular squad games against each other. They are similar in many ways to "Clans" and "Guilds" that exist in other game genres.

What is a Squad?

In Allegiance, a squad is group of players who have organised themselves into a unit for a higher level of competitive play. Each squad has a unique tag which it's members can have after their callsigns. This tag takes the form of an @ followed by a short version of the squad name. So players in the Palidor's Knights squad have @PK after their nick.

Squad games (or SGs) are games played between two squads or teams of multiple squads facing off against each other. Only players from those squads get to play in these games. Squad games usually take place on Sundays at 15:00 Eastern Time.

While Allegiance squads are essentially the same thing as clans or guilds in other online games, they differ in three important aspects:

  • Allegiance is a relatively old game, and so are its squads. Squads generally have a long history behind them.
  • Players in a squad have often known each other for years.
  • Allegiance emphasizes teamwork like no other game we know of. Squad cohesion and trust are essential attributes, if a squad plans to avoid getting butchered at every SG. These things take a lot of very hard work to build.
  • Squads are recognized institutions in the FreeAllegiance Organization. Recognized squads get the squad tag mentioned above and a private forum on freeallegiance.org.

Given these differences, players who wish to start their own squad are often met with words of caution (and often skepticism) when they announce their plans on the boards, especially if they are new to the game. This community has seen many failed attempts at starting up a new squad, even by veteran players. The perks mentioned above involve the FAO volunteer staff, and they are, quite understandably, not willing to spend their time on every spur-of-the-moment startup that may crop up.

Forming a squad isn't about forming some elite group. Any squad that tests people and only accepts the most elite will fail. Anyone who thinks they have reached their end game in Allegiance, who knows all there is to know and deems themselves elite is blind to what this game is. Rather, all they are is stagnant. Being in a squad is about learning more and discovering more about the game, while doing it with like minded others and pushing your team work as far as it can go.

Squad Descriptions

Current Squads

Black Shadow Black Shadow is the oldest squad that has never disbanded. Usually keeping to their namesake, you won't see many @BS online regularly, and if you do, they won't be too vocal... but their members are legendary for being among the best in the game.
Mos Eisley Cantina Formed from the merger of Wildcards and Slipshod Research & Mining in 2011.
Palidor's Knights Guardians of the Old School™
Rolling Thunder Started as a newbie squad, RT has grown in both numbers and skill over the years.
Steel Fury Originally in Beta and resurrected in early 2006 by Striker, Steel Fury has today grown to be one of the most active squads in Allegiance.
System X
XenoTech Angry!

Past squads

Dark Side of the Moon Dark Side Of The Moon were a squad formed in September 2009, led by FederalMan, formed mainly of some unsquadded mercs and a few players from existing squads. They merged into BS in January 2010.
Fatal Shadows
German Borg The Borgs were found in 2000 as a German-speaking squad. They have started to accept non German speaking players in the past couple of years. Disbanded August 2012.
Killers For Hire
Belters/Jihaad/Shifters This squad, led by Gemini, had an almost-unbeatable winning streak at the end of the Microsoft-hosted beta, and throughout the first few months of the Allegiance Zone.
Luxury Whore Mongering Sluts
Muffins of Mayhem
Piranhas Founded in 2000 as FZ squad, merged with the German Borg in 2001.
Slipshod Research & Mining Founded by Rat and Mouse. Merged with Wildcards to form MEC in 2011.
The Collective
The Roman Legion Founded by Andon and Fuzzy in February 2008. Disbanded November 2009.
WildCards Merged with Slipshod Research & Mining to form MEC in 2011.
Z fighters

Squad-like organisations

In addition to the squads listed above Allegiance has some groups that are administered like squads but do not participate in squad games.

@Alleg The teachers and enforcers of the Allegiance Community. Consisting of veteran players from across the community. Administered by the Enforcement Zone Lead.
Allegiance Flight School New players that join the flight school can fly under a tag as they learn (@AFS).
Cadet_II More advanced newer players can join the Cadet course and fly under a tag as they learn (@CDT-A).
ACS Allegiance Command School.

New squads

  • Creating a squad
    • The rules on squad creation and some advice from players that have done it.
  • Currently forming squads
    • A list of squads that are currently forming with a brief intro written by the founder.

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