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Squad Details
Tag @SF
Status Active
Squad Leader(s) Moorish
Squad Leader(s)
Pierre (founder)
Cadet Advisor(s) Archangelus
Website {{{site}}}
IRC channel #steelfury (webchat)
Mumble server (more information)
Twitter steel_fury
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Recruiting details
Currently Recruiting Actively recruiting any player who is willing to play and learn.
Accepting Applications Yes. Apply here.

Recruitment process
with CS invitation[1]
with no invitation

Application Requirements Being active in AFS or the various training programs active in alleg or being a well known "vet" player.
Last Updated
October 9th, 2012


The 81st Marine Division, more commonly known as "Steel Fury", was mustered into service in 1999 to carry out the UN's space-based peacekeeping mission. Steel Fury was currently deployed off-world when a runaway Helium 3 asteroid collided with Earth wiping out most of the population. Since the "Great Cataclysm", we have fought in numerous skirmishes against Gigacorp security forces and Belter pirates. We were present during the great Outer Rim battle that helped turn the tide in the war against the Dreghklar Empire.

We at Steel Fury have had to change with the times. No longer are pure military strategies working when you have a civilian population such as we do. We have a standard, if you want to live to that standard then join us! If you don't, move along. If you want to be part of a team, who will learn with each other, train with each other and die with each other then you have come to the right place.

So do you have what it takes to be a Marine or are you yellow?

Join Today!

Squadron History

Steel Fury was formed in beta by Pierre and started as a French-speaking squad, but soon enough accepted players from all over the world. It played on the AZ and with great success, jousting on a regular basis with many of the top squads of the time. As the number of players started to dwindle when the Microsoft updates got scarce and the cheaters arrived, SF had to participate in FZ games to maintain a healthy schedule. Then Pierre decided to leave Allegiance for another gaming community and handed the leadership over to Aviation. Squad activities slowed down however, before vlymoxyd took the reins and signed up Steel Fury for AW3.

As the days darkened for Allegiance, Steel Fury slowly vanished, though many former members were still around. In 2006 however, Striker was summoned by an ancient call to resurrect the squad and restore its former glory. SF is now a mixed crew of both old fogeys and new faces, who have been fighting their way back into the game and loving every moment of it.

We currently have players from all over the globe - even on that oversized island down under - and of many different nationalities. Many members have developed strong bonds, though it may have something to do with the ingredients of our tailor-made cookies.

Squadron Achievements

1. Placed 4th in the Squadron League.
2. Placed 6th in the Squadron Tournament.

1. Placed 7th in the Squadron Tournament.
2. Placed 2nd in the Doubles Tournament (teamed up with ACE).

1. Placed 6th in the Squadron Tournament.


1  ·   The 'CS' is our Command Staff. It includes SLs, ASLs, Cadet/AFS Reps.
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