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Players with @Alleg tags after their nicks are volunteers who help the community in two ways.

  • Firstly @Allegs are allowed onto the newbie servers to instruct new players and help them get started in Allegiance. If you see a @Alleg player in game, feel free to ask them questions, they are there to assist you.
  • Secondly the @Allegs enforce the Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct. They will warn players that are breaking the rules and may ban the offending player from the game if the warning goes unheeded.

@Allegs achieve these goals by using the Enforcer tool (often jokingly referred to as 'the ban-stick'). @Allegs can be recognized in-game by both the "?" token in front of their callsign, and the @Alleg tag after it.

The @Alleg group is headed by Head for Enforcement and consists of the following people:

@Alleg members (Currently Active January 2012)
 ?Blake@Alleg Blake420@XT
 ?Brehon@Alleg Bard@RT
 ?Cash@Alleg Cashto@MEC
 ?Coffee@Alleg grav@RT
 ?Cort@Alleg Cortex@RT
 ?DuffBeer@Alleg Beer@SysX
 ?Dorj@Alleg Dorjan@SF
 ?Dull@Alleg HSharp@SysX
 ?Finger@Alleg Fingerbang@PK
 ?Freeb@Alleg FreeBeer@MEC
 ?Gand@Alleg Gandalf@RT
 ?GoldDragon@Alleg Cadillac@XT
 ?LoneStar@Alleg Striker@SF
 ?Mannaja@Alleg TheCorsair@XT
 ?NotNotJarvis@Alleg NotJarvis@RT
 ?Raum@Alleg Raumvogel@SysX
 ?Redmatter@Alleg Sp4wn@SF
 ?Snelopy@Alleg Fwiffo@SysX
+Tiger@Zone +Tigereye@BS
 ?Tobasco@Alleg Aviation21
 ?Vort@Alleg Vortrog@MEC

@Alleg members (inactive - thanks for your contribution!)
 ?aarm@Alleg aarmstrong@PK
 ?Ahan@Alleg Ahaneon@BS
 ?Ava@Alleg Avalanche@ACE
BlackViper@Zone +BlackViper
 ?Bored@Alleg +TheBored@PK
 ?Comp@Alleg Compeller@SysX
 ?Cort@Alleg Cortex@RT
 ?Dark@Alleg Darkling@BS
 ?Duck@Alleg Duckwarrior@XT
 ?Entos@Alleg Fell@RT
 ?Grimm@Alleg Grimmwolf@GB
 ?ImmZ@Alleg +ImmortalZ@PK
 ?Jae@Alleg Jaeden@BS
 ?Kagemusha@Alleg Ski2slow@GB
 ?Legally@Alleg Fever@SysX
 ?Legend@Alleg Xeretov@SysX
 ?McW@Alleg McWarren4@ACE
 ?Noble@Alleg Nooblet
 ?Ogo@Alleg Ogorass@PK
+Paps@Alleg Papsmear@Zone
 ?RP256@Alleg Vlymoxyd@SF
 ?Sai@Alleg SaiSoma@PK
 ?Sambasti@Alleg TheSambasti@ACE
 ?Strike@Alleg Strike700@PK
 ?Teej@Alleg SRM_TeeJ@MEC

Complaints about players should be addressed to the Head of Enforcement via Private Messaging on the forums mentioning the (approximate) time of the incident, and the server on which it took place.

Current Head of Enforcement: Papsmear@SysX - PM

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