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Some people have had more of an impact on the Allegiance Community over the years than others. Some have worked hard to build Allegiance into what it is today, other's have tried to destroy the game.

Here's a list of Allegiance's most famous and infamous players.

Table of Contents
A aarmstrong · Adam4 · Andon · Anguirel
B Black · BlackViper
C Clay_Pigeon
D Dengaroth · Dogbones · Dorjan · DrStrnglv · Dome
F Factoid
G Grimmwolf · Guns22
I ImmortalZ
J Jalindo · juckto
K KGJV · kramari
M madpeople · Malicious Wraith · McWarren4 · MEGA · Mesial · MrChaos
N NakPPI · NathanD · Noir · NoodleNT
O Orion
P Pierre · pkk · Pook
R Raveen · Romeo
S Sgt Baker · SOLAP · SOV_Vencain · Spaceman_Spliff · spideycw · sp4wn · Spunkmeyer
T Thalgor · TheBored · The_Fuzz · Tigereye · Titty_Baby · Tkela · Tpaganj · TheAlaskan
V Vegeta · Virus
W Was_Fired · Weedman
Y Your_Persona



Member of the Palidors' Knights, aarmstrong, along with Jalindo, made the last attempt at restoring the Allegiance Zone before the Source Code release. aarmstrong has provided this Community with high quality servers hosting multiple cores for players to enjoy.


Took over from Clay_Pigeon, as Training Zone lead in Oct 2008. Adam will be continuing the host of successful programs that Clay has left behind, and bringing new ideas to the Zone.


Andon is one of the cofounders of The Roman Legion, along with TheFuzz. This was a squad formed almost entirely of new players, however unlike many Andon and Fuzz did a proper job of starting their squad and achieved with a minimal amount of heckling and the squad did not "flop" like so many others. Due to differences with many squad members, Andon left the Roman Legion near it's sixth month in existence and returned to Rolling Thunder

Andon also develops the BattleStar Galactica core and Faction X. He is also on the Community Core team, the Events Team, the Zone Game Team, and the Dev Team.


Senator for PK, Ang took over the Cadet program from Romeo and made tremendous improvements to the program. Unfortunately he had to turn it over to BlackViper due to Real Life time constraints. Anguirel works in game development.



Black was the first to exploit the voice chat bug in Allegiance to Crash Guard players (crash their game and send them to the Crash Guard screen) with nothing more than a voice chat. A PM would crash one player, a message to all would crash every player. Black was banned from the Allegiance Zone for two months after causing terrible damage.

After Vencain provided protection from CG, and Microsoft eventually fixed the bug, Black returned with a core cheat - by editing the .igc core file on his computer he managed to change ship properties for himself alone. To protect itself the community turtled under its shell and waited for new cheat protection while blocking all new players; ASGS finally resolved the issue. Some say that it is thanks to him and the other cheaters that the Community has become what it is, stimulating extreme development to provide protection.

Black has been banned for life from the Allegiance Community by Senate vote.


BlackViper is a long-standing member of our community who was with us from the early closed MS Beta days. He was an @Alleg on the MSN Gaming Zone, the old Squad Leader of BlackShadow, a founding member of the Cadet Program, founding member of the WildCards, global forum moderator in the Free Allegiance forums, ex head of the Cadet Program and former Zone Lead. He is one of the few people who have been involved with this community since its inception, and keeps giving and giving. The list is endless for his past and continuing contributions to this community. BV decided to step back from all positions of responsibility within the community in April 2011 leaving a legacy of respect from almost all players he's ever been in contact with.



Being a teacher in real life, Clay made the ideal Zone Lead for the Training Zone, under which numerous help and training projects operate. These projects include the Cadet program, the ACS program, the F1 Help Menu team, and the video training team. Clay stepped down from his Training Lead position in late 2008, leaving behind a legacy of active and successful programs.



As Former Head Cadet Instructor, Deng was instrumental to the running of the Cadet program for a long time. He is the creator of the infamous Cadet exam at the end of each session.


He was leader the FAZ Dev team. He coordinated many development related projects. See the FAZ section for more information.


Currently an SL for Steel Fury after a successful mutiny of Striker and has accepted his first ticket to join the dev team. Ex-Event Coordinator for the Zone Games.


Known as one of the greatest commanders, Dr. StrangeLove is also the developer of the Rock Paper Scissors core.


A great pilot and commander; Dome has been the de facto leader of the Allegiance community for many years. He has successfully led the community trough the 2014 squad revamp, and is also the founder and leader of the Zenith squad.



A former Head Instructor of the Cadet program.



Grimm started out in the Free Zone in 2000. In 2001 he became one of the leaders of GermanBorg and he was a constant member of their leadership until 2006. He was a major player in the helpline for many years and helped a huge number of players play Allegiance through their routers. Along with pkk and Zapper he pays for and runs the GPZ server. He is also the maintainer of the GoD2 core.


Guns22 started Crash Guarding players later than the other two, and did so on the Free Zone. He was banned for life from the Allegiance Community by Senate vote.



ImmortalZ first played in the open beta until the first "death" of Allegiance. Returning during the paypal era he has spent a huge amount of time helping new players get up and running in the Helpline leading to his post as Tech Support Zone Lead.



Founder of The Collective, Jalindo was a great commander using original and well thought out, though improvised, strategies. In order to increase TC's popularity Jalindo used a fairly simple technique. As the Allegiance Zone allowed any player to simply create a game (much like Blizzard's, he named a game after TC and added a catchy title, and hosted pickup games fairly often, the biggest games on the lobby. His principle of allowing anyone to join his squad certainly contributed to train a lot of today's veteran pilots and contributed to TC being the largest squad in Allegiance's history.


The single largest contributor to Allegwiki, juckto knows it like the back of his hand and has been made a Allegwiki moderator. He is also involved in the Cadet II rewrite, and runs his own caustic "training program" known as You Suck at Allegiance. He took over Documentation Zone Lead from TheBored in July 2009.



Allegiance's prime all-star hacker, KGJV has created a multitude of software that are used today by players-developers: IGC Core Editor (ICE), Allegiance Game Manager (AGM), Allegiance Map Editor (AME), Allegiance Aleph Randomizer, MDLView, Allegiance Modeling Tool, and probably a few others. After taking a pause, KGJV has returned as did the Source Code to help Allegiance's brightest developers in restoring the Allegiance Zone, now known as the Free Allegiance Zone.


kramari is currently a member of WildCards, He is a former SL of The Roman Legion.



madpeople has been very active in the development side of the community, making many mods, tools, and utilities for Allegiance. Although he has not been active in game recently he still contributes to development discussions.

Malicious Wraith

Controversial, egotistical, center of drama. Founder of DSM.


Founder of the System X, which he did because he was tired of powerful squads stacking the teams. McWarren was a member of the WildCards until retirement.


An original member of the Allegiance team at Microsoft (Matt "Megaman" Alderman). He took control of the Alpha and running the Beta program until retail release (RTM). Today, he is a member of XenoTech and the @Alleg team.


Mesial runs his own site upon which he hosts almost all the Allegiance mods that players have made. He has put a lot of time into running it, making installers, and even making some of the content.


One of the guiding lights behind AllegSkill. Less smart than a demented cantaloup and has a man-crush on Thalgor.



NakPPI is known for his great commanding skills, including his many different perfect records. He is also known to be proud about it, boasting one of the great many superb temperaments of the Allegiance Community and booting any player who would dare confront him, which is undoubtedly what led him to a career in law.


Founder of the My Allegiance group.


Another generous individual, Noir designed, along with NoodleNT, and hosted the Allegiance HQ when IGN's Allegiance Vault was receiving less support. NoodleNT and himself had prepared this alternative. Noir also developed the Dark Nebulae core, which he used to host on his servers available for the community to play on.


Member of the My Allegiance group, NoodleNT assisted in developing the second Allegiance HQ that was hosted on Noir's server, and was the first central community website after the IGN's Allegiance Vault.



Cadet instructor since the early days of the program, Ogorass is heading the @CDT-II rewrite.


Developer of the Ga'Taraan Federation, Orion has also prepared a few useful tools, such as a web-based map switcher to allow for map switching of random maps without restarting a server. Orion also developed MDL, a development tool.



Founder of Steel Fury in the AZ days, he is currently inactive in our community. He holds ad-honorem Assistant Squad Leader position in today's squadron.


A long time member and Squad Leader of GB pkk has obsessively kept a nearly definitive collection of core revisions and has all the DataNet posts archived for future generations. He also organizes the Germany GB and Allegiance meet-ups. Along with Grimmwolf and Zapper he pays for and runs the GPZ server.


Now retired, The Allegiance Senate Chancellor, Supreme Emperor Pookatine, formerly known as Raidersoft and ZoomPooky on the MS Zone. He wrote the authentication system, ASGS (Allegiance Secure Gameplay System), to resume the easy incorporation of newbies into Allegiance. This system has allowed us to stop ALL hacking of gameplay. Pook kept this community alive for years. We owe him a great deal. He continues to work behind the scenes on ASGS. Pook was the glue that has held us together. A.K.A. "The Fluffy Tyrant".



A community member since 2004, Raveen is the Events Zone Lead and Squad Leader for Rolling Thunder. When he's not planning the upcoming community Events, he serves as an @Alleg.


The founder and originator of the Allegiance Cadet program. Along with Black Viper they put together the initial program where cadets were assigned to a squad and taught from within.



Executive Producer and Designer for Allegiance, Joel Dehlin (Solap online), along with Chris Moffat, has worked quite hard and successfully got Microsoft to release the Source Code to the Community. Solap was a developer who was close to the Community throughout Microsoft's support, often organizing the big Solap games.


Vencain is among the few who directly saved the Allegiance Community. He developed a handful of tools, known as SOV (SOVRoute, SOVLog, SOVLogin, SOVGuard, etc.), which provided from basic protection to full-blown authentication and accessibility during hard time when no lobby was up. He and some of the team have come back to Allegiance.

Sgt Baker

Wildcards ASL and lead behind the AllegSkill project. Can usually be found tinkering in SQL, his favourite programming tool.


Spaceman_Spliff, known by any veteran for his godly dogfighting skills, assisted in the development of the Dreghklar Empire and Technoflux.


spideycw is a longstanding community member who has been with us for years, and has developed a strong reputation for being a great commander and a deadly Allegiance tactician. He has led SysX for many years and was appointed community core zone leader at the end of April 2009.


Spunkmeyer used to moderate and mod the Allegiance Gateway forums for a while, and has also developed the Allegiance Plus core. He founded the Cheyenne squad, a squad meant to train newbies and then deliver the well-prepared players to recruiting squads. The project did not last long, but the concept was resurrected with the Cadet training program.


ASL for Steel Fury, sp4wn took over the postion of Cadet head from Adam4 in June '09.



An extremely generous and warm individual, Thalgor basically saved Allegiance from falling into oblivion. As Microsoft gradually reduced support of its title, and the game lobby itself would haphazardly go down for days, Thalgor provided a new lobby, as well as multiple high-quality servers (all known as ThalServe) and connections that allowed flawless gameplay. He also worked with the players-developers to help them test their new cores or maps. Thalgor officially stepped down as Owner and Head Administrator on December 19th, 2008. He still holds the position of Administrator.


TheBored (or "TB"/"TeebZ" for short) joined in mid 2004 and for a long time was the Senator representing SRM. Now a pilot for PK, he was the Zone Lead for the Documentation Zone for many years before handing over to juckto in July 2009. TB is currently joint head systems admin, sharing Tigereye's workload.


Cofounder of The Roman Legion with Andon. See Andon's entry here for more info.


Tigereye (or "TE" for short) is FreeAllegiance's Owner and Head Administrator, inheriting this role from Thalgor in December 2008. Prior to this, Tiger served as our Community Administrator (after taking over Pook's job in October of 2006). Besides paying the bills, he takes care of most of the back-end systems maintenance, and is the liaison between them and the rest of the community by ensuring the Zone Leaders have what they need to get their work done. He loves playing BIOS and is rumored to be one of the best Assault Ship pilots around.


Another great guy with a great character and member of the Black Shadow, Titty_Baby is unfortunately best known for being the second recognized member to die while being an active member of the Community (the first being NGRU-Ilsa who died on 9/11). Shotgun brought the news. After succumbing to a heart attack, Titty_Baby's memory was honored in a special game where a minute of silence was observed. A total of 103 pilots participated. His legacy lives on with many maps having sectors named for him.


One of the Developers of Allegiance, David Pugh was also close to the Community, often involved with players in Allegiance's continued development. Tkela also provided assistance when the Source Code was released. Tkela still is active in our development forums.


Member of the My Allegiance group.

The Alaskan

Also known as TA, an exceptional pilot and commander. He is also the creator of the Draconium faction, which was released in September 2013. TA is also the founder and leader of the EndGame squad,



Developer of the Dreghklar Empire and Technoflux, Vegeta was also the founder and leader of the Z fighters - one of the best, but not undefeatable, squads of the immediate post-AZ days. His self-confidence and unusual forum posting style elevated him to a 'love-him-or-hate-him' status, as well as the creation of a 'VeggieFish' translator on the old phpBB boards.


Virus also used the chat exploit to Crash Guard players, and was banned for the same two months as Black. He later returned and claims to have never caused damage since. Others claimed, however, that he either Crash Guarded players or used the core exploit. Though no post-AZ cheating was ever proven, his toxicity to the community as a whole lead Virus to be banned for life from the Allegiance Community by Senate Vote. This decision was overturned several years later however, allowing Virus to return.



Member of the My Allegiance group, Was_Fired was the first to develop a new component of the technology tree for Allegiance, the SOC (Special Operations Command) allowed for torpedoes and a few other goodies, as well as a new ship (using the Patroller model) mounting retro boosters. All those were stuffed under the Garrison tab in the Investments Menu (F5).


Weedman is famous for his dogfighting abilities, so much so that one Cadet class was offered a prize of a Sidewinder joystick if they could pod him. He also contributes to the development of Allegiance, creating the Star wars core and converting most of the models for the Omicron Hive faction from their original X-Wing Alliance .opt format.



Member of the My Allegiance group, Your_Persona introduced the first voice chat customization pack - which unfortunately crashed Allegiance and ultimately resulted in the method Black and countless others used for cheating. Your_Persona participated in some of the first efforts at hacking around in Allegiance and was the origin of the phrase Two weeks in reference to his promises about cracking the Allegiance Zone code. Your_Persona has since contributed to the development of the FAZ releases. In early 2009 he caused controversy again by releasing ASGS Black, a reverse engineered version of ASGS 2.1.