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The biggest squad in the history of Allegiance with 150 players, The Collective was founded in the beta and extended fairly far into Allegiance's post-beta history. TC had a simple policy: let anyone join, but only the best may play competitive games. A simple newbie, named Jalindo, attempted to join Jihaad. As he was told he had to prove himself first, he discarded the idea and formed his own squad with 5 people in a Zone chat room. By dumb luck, he managed to get elite pilots, and eventually grew TC into the monster that it became.

It is commonly believed that The Collective was named after Star Trek's famous Borg Collective and players all over the community would tease the TC players, referring to them as Borg drones and such. However the accurate story goes as follows: "I actually came up with the name because I played Infantry a lot. Then I jumped onto Allegiance, and the first time I commanded, I named the team "The Collective Military", but it wouldn't fit, so I shortened it to 'The Collective'." - Jalindo

Winning every single one of the Allegiance Vault tournaments they participated into, TC was both loved and hated among the community. Often enough, multi-team games would result in a gangbang against TC, who was able to turn the tide by using a well-executed camping tactic with a LOT of capital ships. The outcry by many players on the Allegiance Vault led the developers to create a new weapon, the Aleph Resonator, to try and counter such tactics.


The Collective was revived in late 2003 as Jalindo returned to Allegiance. Since numbers were a bit short and TC had been recruiting among newbies almost exclusively, TC quickly merged with a new squad, X-19, creating TCX-19. X-19 was a small and new squad founded by Phrase. Though directed by veteran players, both squads consisted essentially of newbies, and were short-lived despite their merger, disbanding in early 2004 with the re-departure of Jalindo in late 2003.

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