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Squad Details
Tag @SRM
Status Inactive
Squad Leader(s) Xason
Squad Leader(s)
Cadet Advisor(s) Haduken
Recruiting details
Currently Recruiting On a selective basis.
Accepting Applications Interested players may drop off an application on our SRM Forums or PM an ASL or Xason to be considered.
Application Requirements Successful completion of the @CDT program or Vet status within the community. Applicants are recommended to talk with current SRM members to see what we are about. Good attitude is a must.
Last Updated
20th, 2011

Squad History

Slipshod Research & Mining (SRM) was founded by Rat and Mouse in the early days of Allegiance. A highly skilled squad, SRM slowly declined, and eventually retired from Allegiance a few weeks after Microsoft ended support to the game, remaining a good bunch of friends playing other games together. After the source code release, the interest that brought back so many also hit SRM and _SRM_Petit_Mort was able to revive the interest of part of his squad. After recruiting and training many new players, SRM was able to get back in force. In the Fall of 2005, _SRM_KLM took control of SRM and the squad continued to improve. The time of greatest improvement was when _SRM_Strike700 took control in the Spring of 2006. The squad grew to its largest size and posed a strong threat in squad games. In April 2007, there were changes in leadership with _SRM_Xason as the only leader to stay with the squad, and has taken initiative to lead it to this day, with some crucial help and support from ASL's and of course the squad itself.

SRM Gen 6

After the major changes in squad pilots and leadership the dust finally settled by 2008. Americano (Heavenly) joined, became ASL and soon became the main SG commander of SRM leading the squad to some great wins. One of the most famous victories of that era was vs ACE. SRM also went on to win the 2008 doubles tournament with their doubles partner PK. In 2009 the squad built a new website to organize its own training material, forums and social activities.

Current status

Today SRM fields around 14-23 pilots in a squad game; with active recruitment and training from their own personal Training Office, SRM has fought hard and intense battles within the current year of Squad Games with key wins and much enjoyment. Although training and working together is important, SRM is often described as "easygoing". Enthusiasm, humor, respect and teamwork is what fuels SRM and constantly rate fun over anything else. (Except of course obtaining “excess purple meds”).

The "_SRM_" Moniker

Older SRM players are often seen with the moniker "_SRM_" attached to the front of their callsign. This was kept post source code release in tradition with the AZ style callsigns. Because of a Senate resolution in 2004, newer SRM members no longer follow this tradition but you will often find an SRM player with SRM_ in front of heir callsign / hider as a sign of respect.

Contact Information

You can contact SRM in general at the SRM Forums or Xason here.


Slipshod Research & Mining merged with Wildcards in 2011 to form a new squad, MEC

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