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Sysx icon.png
Squad Details
Tag @SysX
Status Active
Squad Leader(s) Sheffwill
Squad Leader(s)
Cadet Advisor(s) Buyo
Website None.
Recruiting details
Currently Recruiting Yes.
Accepting Applications PM Brood
Application Requirements Brood will PM You
Last Updated
19th, 2012

System ¤ is one of the established squads of Allegiance . We are always looking for fresh new talent and welcome back returning veterans.
We believe that should someone commit time to doing the cadet course, he/she should be given the opportunity to try out for the squad. There are no guarantees for entry but we are willing to have a look at you. Please note troublemakers need not apply. For anyone interested in SysX please contact anyone of the aforementioned people in game or on the forums.

The System ¤ code

  • To be able to compete competitively against other squads.
  • To be part of a group of folks who's company I like and enjoy flying with.
  • Work with other squad members to enhance my skills and the skills of other members when I am able.
  • Participate in team practices/scrimmages & squad matches.
  • I will seek out and fly with/for members of my squad.
  • I will respect members of my squad and all members of the community at large.


Founded by McWarren4, the System X was created in reaction to other squad players always playing together during normal games, not leaving much chance for other unorganized players. McWarren4 was only a rank 5, so he did not command much respect from fellow players. Himself and Iceman_JG started recruiting newbies, and quickly assembled fifteen good pilots.

The squad died during Allegiance's decline, but the return of McWarren4 slightly before the PayPal period ignited enthusiasm and the System X has made a weak but steady return since then. Lacking enough pilots for a squad game, System X has merged with Squad Tournament II Champions LWMS and has become active again. However, as it went almost undefeated (1 loss to XT), members became either dissatisfied with dominating the competition or dissatisfied with the leadership and left, leading to a change in leadership as well as to former leaders moving over directly to adversary XT, reviving the rivalry between the squads that could do nothing but beat each other in competition, having practically equal forces.

Note that the Luxury Whore-Mongering Sluts, initially founded by Valor who recruited a lot of talent in Allegiance after the retirement of many other squads and due to the availability of a lot of talent. Initially beaten in the Squad Tournament I finals by the Z fighters, they were able to win Squad Tournament II.

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