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The Muffins of Mayhem were originally formed in 1999 during the beta testing of the online Microsoft space combat simulator, Allegiance. We came together under the belief that what makes online gaming great, is the endless possibilities made inevitable by human interaction. MoM, as we affectionately came to be called, enjoyed a long and successful life. Eventually our players moved on from Allegiance and the squad was retired.

Muffin Credo

A Bakery Forged on Mayhem Alone;
With Games we Bought on credit card loan
As Brothers in Arms we've come to be known;
As MoM and Muffins and names of such tone!

In Space, on Land, or Ball in Hand;
As One we Fight, and Strong we Stand;
With Xbox Live and our Broadband;
The Muffin Name will e'er expand!

Squad Members - Sorted by Rank

  • Mufatu Head Baker
  • evilsolo Baker Master GR
  • Nuclear Strike Baker Master MA
  • Lee Mazilli Dough Beater
  • hybredX Dough Beater
  • scubasteve77 Dough Beater
  • Mr Destructo Dough Beater
  • Drinian Dough Beater
  • Prayzboy Dough Beater
  • Csoldier Dough Beater
  • copyKat Dough Beater
  • Sodor Dough Beater
  • Strickerman Dough Beater
  • Soylent Chad Dough Beater
  • BoZo Dough Beater
  • Cutie Pie Dough Beater
  • Plissken Dough Beater
  • BadSpongeBob Dough Beater
  • Canaan Dough Beater
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