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Squad Details
Tag @BS
Status Active and ready to kick rudder.
Squad Leader(s) Chakotae
Squad Leader(s)
Cadet Advisor(s) Whippit
Website Black Shadow Squadron
Black Shadow Squadron Forums
Recruiting details
Currently Recruiting Yes.
Accepting Applications Yes.
Application Requirements Have a sound mind, not overactive, must be competent with orders, savvy with gameplay tactics.
Last Updated
October 14th, 2012

Black Shadow is the oldest active squad in Allegiance history.

The squad's roots were formed in November 1999 when Das Paragon, a small group of beta testers led by Indreju and Malphigian, merged with Eric1020's group and named themselves The BlackShadow Squadron. The team quickly became the powerhouse of Allegiance. The main @BS web site was launched in early December 1999 on the Black Rose Society's Website. Many of the original members are still active today with the team or in the community.

Black Shadow squad has long held the reputation for bombing until it hurts. This squad was the only one that would scrimmage with Davidsa's The Belters/Jihaad/Shifters on a weekly basis. One memorable game was decided with both teams firing the final AB into the last surviving tech base at the same time. The Belter's missile hit first, ending the chance for Black Shadow to be the first squad to defeat them.

The leadership history is short. Eric1020 departed after the public release of the game to move on to other online games. BlackViper, who joined Das Paragon just hours before the merger that created Black Shadow, led the squad until late 2005. He was followed by Picobozo and Darkling - two original members. Both Pico and Darkling served about a year or so each until January 2008 when javaswiller took over.November 2010 saw Java pass leadership to Ryjamsan, a long term member of BS off and on since 2000. Then in March of 2011, Ryjamsan decided to pass the leadership baton to Chakotae ,a member since 2007, and Iron Wolf, a member since 2010.

Recently Black Shadow has teamed up with Steel Fury (SF) to form BS/SF for tournament games. The BS/SF alliance has worked out well and both teams have been working hard to get through the tournament.

Some of you may have seen a sector called "Titty Baby" when playing in-game. Although Titty Baby was not noted for any particular skill, he was great at being an all-around cool pilot in Black Shadow. His death several years ago shook up the Allegiance community, and the developers kindly named one sector of many maps after him. Since he was a squadmate, the team has added the "(.)(.)" from his signature to theirs in honor of his memory.

The strength of Black Shadow has always been the sense of duty to each other. The squad shares a friendship in the game. They are well respected within the community as players, commanders, teachers. The core group is made up of very veteran pilots, many of whom are in their 40s, married, with children. They really prefer to distance themselves from the dramatic players.

Like the other squads in the community, The Black Shadow have a reputation for ...

   * keeping a low profile.
   * showing class.
   * thinking of team first.
   * playing fair.
   * sharing beer.

A team motto could be real lives ALWAYS come first.

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