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Squad Details
Tag @ACE
Status Inactive
Squad Leader(s) FreeBeer
Squad Leader(s)
Cadet Advisor(s) TheSambasti
Website None.
Recruiting details
Currently Recruiting Yes - through MEC
Accepting Applications Yes. Feel free to contact one of our ASLs.
Application Requirements Finishing cadet or considered to have vet status. Both a mature in-game attitude and good situational awareness are important criteria for acceptance. We're friendly, so let's chat!
Last Updated
20th, 2012

WildCards have one simple goal: to be the squad that everyone else looks up to. Although they are often hailed as the "old fogies" of Allegiance, @ACE welcomes players of all ages who exhibit a grown-up, mature attitude both in-game and on the forums. Wildcards are committed to leading by example -- by flying together as often as possible, avoiding drama, and anti-stacking pick-up games.

Wildcards was founded on October 10th 2005 by MadAccountant, the former squad leader of XT. It was initially comprised of old time vets from various squads. The initial core was primarily vets who left XT over internal disagreement of the squad's image. At the same time mcwarren4 had similar feelings in SysX and together MadAccountant and mcwarren4 brought enough players from both squads to create a new one.

They are very active in recruitment from the Cadet Program and are growing in numbers and strength. They hold some of the rising stars and some of the very best pilots in the game. @ACE holds several former squad leaders and founding members of other squadrons:


Slipshod Research & Mining merged with Wildcards in 2011 to form a new squad, MEC

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