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Outdated content This page does not reflect the current state of things.

Some information within this article is either obsolete, hasn't been updated in a long time, incomplete, or otherwise invalid.

A Zone Lead is a community member who is in charge of a particular Zone within FreeAllegiance. The Zone Leads work with community members to accomplish goals which help the community grow.

Zone Leaders' role in the community

Each Zone Lead has full authority in their area. They can appoint staff as needed to assist them within their Zone, and oversee the day-to-day operations of their area and coordinate ongoing projects. The ZL's are coordinated by Tigereye, the Community Administrator.

The Zones within FreeAllegiance are:

  • Community Core - Development and maintenance of a regularly updated, balanced Community core.
  • Development - Development of the Allegiance sourcecode, artwork, mods, etc.
  • Documentation - Maintenance of the wiki and organization of all information needed by the other zones in a cohesive, standardized format.
  • Enforcement - Enforcement of the FreeAllegiance ToS and the RoC.
  • Events - Scheduling and coordination of ingame events and tournaments.
  • Technical Support - Assistance with technical problems in logging in, playing the game, and other Allegiance-related technical issues.
  • Training - Development and oversight of ACS, Cadet, and other training programs offered to FreeAllegiance community members.

With these duties segregated into their own zones operated by separate people, the community is able to function autonomously with little micromanagement from the administrators or owners of the FreeAllegiance servers.

See the Zone Lead FAQ released when the Zone Lead program was announced for further explanation.

Each Zone has an individual forum in the Community Section.

Zone Leads can be recognized in-game by the "+" token prepended in front of their nick, which indicates they are able to use the Enforcer.

Zone Lead Privileges

Zone leads are granted access to private forums used to coordinate administrative actions that affect the community. In addition, they are allowed 5 callsigns on their active list allowing them to assume more hidden identities than regular community members. Their Enforcer privileges are higher than @Alleg players, allowing them to ban players from the game for longer durations, as well as perform account lookups to determine other players' alternate callsigns.

Finally, Zone Leads have access to a special set of tools which allow them to send broadcast messages, post community-wide polls, and perform other administrative tasks without the aid of an administrator.

Current Zone Leads

Zone Leads/Admins - August 23rd, 2012
+Tiger@HQ ASGS Administrator
+TheBored@HQ Assistant ASGS Administrator
+DasSmiter@Zone Zone Lead Community Core
+pkk@Zone Zone Lead Development
+Beer@Zone Zone Lead Enforcement
+Cookie Monster@Zone Zone Lead Events
+FreeBeer@Zone Zone Lead Tech Support
+notjarvis@Zone Zone Lead Training
+Pook Ex Systems Administrator (Left October 2006) Retired
+Thalgor Ex System Owner (Left December 2008) Retired

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