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Welcome to Tech Support.

For installation directions visit this install guide.

If you have any problems while trying to get the game to run, attempt to find the solution below.

If none of these solutions work copy the Help Me template and create a new post in the helpline forum.

You can also ask for help on our Discord channel.

Problems with Allegiance Community Security System (ACSS)

Note: ACSS is now deprecated

Problems with Allegiance

Problems with the Allegiance client not related to connectivity. Includes sound and video issues.

Problems with connectivity

Problems with connecting to the lobby or the game servers from within Allegiance.

Configuration issues

Includes guides and solutions for issues with external devices, servers etc.

Improving graphical quality

This section is not about solving errors, it's about if you've got the game going and want to improve the look.

Getting started
Intro: Overview · Top 10 things you should know · Newbie games
Installing: Quick install · Step by step guide · Troubleshooting
Gameplay: Learning guide · Common mistakes · FAQ · Training index