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Zone Games

Original Zone Games (MS)

Zone games were large games, organized by Microsoft. These games were played during US prime time on an Allegiance Zone server. They had special maps, were played using predetermined factions, and sometimes even had unique technology available.

The result of the games affected the on-going storyline about the Allegiance Universe. The best players (by kills, base kills or base captures) were mentioned on the Message of the Day (MotD) and within DataNet posts.

They were highly popular due to their large size, the chance to see your name 'in silver writing', and the feeling that winning or losing actually changed something - instead of being just another pick-up game.

Zone games stopped at the end of 2000 when MS stopped supporting Allegiance.

Current Zone Games (FAZ)

In May 2007 the Events Zone Leader, with the help of the Event Zone team, started work on bringing Zone Games back to Allegiance. They were successful and the first game was played in September 2007. The Free Allegiance Zone Games follow the same style as the original Zone Games, up to and including displaying the best players on the MotD.

Every 2nd Saturday afternoon (EST) a Zone Game will be played on the FreeAllegiance servers. They are very popular drawing well over 100 players, and there is a lot of chaos during these events. For a list of common questions about large event games, visit the Event Game FAQ.

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