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Here are 10 things you should be aware of before playing Allegiance:

  1. Allegiance is the most fun game in the world at a price: STEEP learning curve, steeper than most games. If you don't enjoy working for your entertainment, this game might not be for you.

  2. Allegiance is a competitive TEAM-based game. Players must work together to complete goals, and commanders may eject players who are not contributing to their teams to make space for other players that will.

  3. All new players will have a number appended to their name for the first few weeks. This is your rank and shows everyone that you are new and may not know how to do things yet. The more you play, the faster it will climb. Once your rank reaches 5, you are no longer a newbie.

  4. *NEVER* use the keyboard to fly! Always use your mouse, or a joystick if you prefer. The keyboard should supplement your primary input device.

  5. The Allegiance Community has dedicated a LOT of time into helping everyone play Allegiance. Make use of the "Read Me First" posts, the F1 Help Display screens ingame apply to the, Allegiance Cadet Program, and of course read this wiki.

  6. The Training missions help a little, but the best way to spend offline time to learn the game is the Allegiance Cadet Program.

  7. After training, learn basic gameplay and technology on the newbie servers. Learn how to contribute to a team and how to use the technology. Once you've mastered the basics, join the vets and don't look back. If you try to play a game on the newbie server with a rank 5 or above, the system will automatically ban you for 24 hrs. You've been warned twice now!

  8. Do not join a real game if you want to "figure out the controls" or "try a bomber." That is what the newbie servers, and the "Create Game" function are for. Only join real games if you want to contribute to your team.

  9. Games with an imbalanced skill are NOT fun. If you're new, don't join the team with the most new players. If you're skilled, don't join the team with all of the @Squad players. Stacking the skill on one side removes the fun for 2/3 of the players.

  10. As with all communities, Allegiance has "good apples" and "bad apples." Don't let the bad ones ruin your fun.
Warning! If your rank shows 5 or above and you are logged as playing in a game with "Newbie" in the title, Community Security System will automatically ban you for some time. No exceptions - even if you created your account 3 years ago and are just logging in today for your first game. This is why there are many other empty servers available to use in their place. You've been warned again. :)
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