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Hi there, and welcome to the Allegiance installation guide. Our purpose here is to get you setup and in the game as quickly and easily as possible.

The game can now be installed through Steam. Click here for the Steam page.

However, there's lots to know about Allegiance and its community, so please take some time to read the overview section of this guide. It'll answer some basic questions you might already have, and point you towards other resources. Otherwise you can just skip right down to the installation instructions.


What are the system requirements for this game?

Very low. The connection requirement for online play is a 56kbps modem. If your computer was produced after year 2000, chances are pretty good that you can run Allegiance. More info is available here.

Do I need a joystick?

A joystick is not required, as you can use the mouse as a virtual joystick. Amongst the top players, there are as many using mice as there are using joysticks, and there is no consensus on which is better. If you decide you want a joystick, and are unsure which to buy, you are welcome to ask around in our forums.

Is there any other software I should get?

For extended game experience, you should use Discord. It helps you a lot communicating with other other players. See the Mumble article for more information.

Is this game really free?

Yes, this game is 100% cost free and open source, and has been since 2001. You can find the license here.

Where do I go for help?

That depends entirely on what kind of help you need. If you're having trouble installing, or getting the game to work once installed, please check the helpline forum. They have detailed answers to common problems, and specific requirements if you've found a new problem. Read this post before you ask for help.

There is also the Tech Support section of this wiki.

If you're looking for help on how to play the game, please check out the Cadet I course.

Installing Allegiance

Allegiance has been around for over 10 years, and Microsoft no longer bundles the background software that it needs to run on modern modern computers. Allegiance requires DirectX (to run the parts of the graphics engine), Visual C++ 2010 runtimes (to run parts of the game engine) and .net framework 3.5 (to run parts of the online networking).

Note These are all produced by Microsoft.

The current version of the installer automatically downloads and installs these items if they are missing from your computer. Upon completion, it will ask you to create a new game account so you can log on (see below).

  • Download through Steam here


Creating a new account

Warning! Do not use your login on a friend's computer. Accounts are linked to each computer they sign on to, and any other accounts that link to the same computer(s). Once linked, only one person can be online at a time. See linking callsigns for more information.

Connecting for the first time

Allegiance will start, and take you to the title screen. You're now free to play the Training missions, or connect to Free Games to play against other people online.

  • Please note that there is no single player campaign for Allegiance, only the training missions. This game was intended to be a multi-player game only.

Finding a game

  1. Click the Game List, or the Current Games Listings button.
    • This will take you to the Master Lobby list. By default games will be sorted in order of most players to least players. There are usually a few games going on at any given time.
    • In the screen shot to the right, we can see 4 active games (the stick figure is running), 1 game with players in them but have not yet started (the stick figure is standing), and 2 games with 0 players in them (the permanently running Newbie servers). In Allegiance you can join a game already in progress.

      • Newbie servers: Some servers have newbie in the name, for example EU Newbie Server DN. These are servers where you can more easily explore the flight controls and features of Allegiance, as well as play against other new players in relative peace.
      • However, once you're familiar with the game controls, we strongly encourage you to join the main server (i.e. whichever server has the most player - Planet 2 DN 04.60 in the screen shot above). Because Allegiance requires Commanders to manage the teams and the Commanders available on the Newbie servers are extremely inexperienced, the games you play on the newbie servers will not reflect how the game is actually played, and you might pick up some unrealistic expectations or bad habits if you play on the newbie servers for too long.
      • Warning: Once your game rank has climbed above 4, playing on the newbie server will result in an immediate 24 hour Ban to your account.

  2. Double click on the game which you want to join.
    • At this point you'll be looking at the Game Lobby for a specific game. Generally there are 2 teams, Blue and Yellow, though Allegiance can be played with up to 6 teams. There is also the Not On A Team group also known as NOAT where you will begin.
    • To join a team, simply double click on the team you wish to join. You will appear as a blinking player on that team which means that you are awaiting that team's Commander's approval to join; or you will be accepted instantly (Commander has toggled "Auto-Accept" to ON).

      • Please keep in mind that the team balance is very important to having a fun game, so try to join the team with the lowest number of Novice players, especially those that still have a (#) displayed next to their name.
      • Please be patient when you join, as a commander doesn't always notice new players right away, and it can take some time to navigate to the pilot menu, especially if the game is already in progress. If you're not getting accepted, you can send a private message to the team's commander. To do this click on their name (they are the one with a check mark in the column headed with a crown), and then type your message into the chat window. Just a gentle reminder (like “Accept please”) will either get you accepted or you will get an explanation as to why you're not being accepted.
  3. Once you're on a team you will have to wait for the game to start or, if you joined a game that is running, you will jump straight to the base screen. If you've followed the tutorials, you'll have some idea of where to go from here. For more information on the in game interface, and the rules of the game itself, please go to the Cadet I program.

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