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Allegiance is a difficult game to learn how to play. It has a steep learning curve that does take a bit of time while you feel "clueless" and are learning how the game is played. But once you understand it, Allegiance is an amazing game and can be an exhilarating experience.

This is a guide to the many resources available to you and the suggested order to approach them.

For a full list of Training Resources visit the training index article.


The in-game training missions teach you the basics of the game - how to move your craft, select weapons, repair friendly ships, etc.
A very brief introduction to the game's most basic concepts, meant to get you started while you're brand-new.
A list of abbreviations that players use to talk to each other. Very useful to learn if you intend to understand what is going on.
The single quickest way to scale the learning curve is to read through the comprehensive Newbie Guide.
You can read this material on your own and/or you can join the Allegiance Flight School program, so you can discuss the material with instructors and other students (details on how to join are in the link).
These servers have been setup for you to practice with other newbs without fear of veterans interfering.
Information on all the different ships, factions, stations, weapons, etc.
The in-game help contains most of the information from the crash course and Allegopedia (albeit in an abridged form) and many other useful articles. It's a great resource to read during pod rides.


A list of the most common errors new players commit and how to avoid them.
A list of in-game commands that can be used.
  • Discord We have a discord where you can come chat with us and ask any questions you may have.
Cadet II expands on the material covered in Cadet I, and has a private forum for Cadets for discussions with the Cadet Instructors. Further information can be found here and completion of Cadet I (or the old Cadet program) will be required along with a minimum of game play time.


TigerEye's Kneepad (TEK) is a reference program which can be used to look up scan ranges, damage charts, and much more.
Download TEK
TEK manual
  • ACS
Allegiance Command School is a forum based training program aimed at churning out intermediate level commanders.
Additional information about the ACS program can be found here.
  • Tech Tree Explorer
Tech Tree Explorer is a reference program which can be used to look up the techpaths for any faction, for any core.
Download TTEv2
  • ICE
The IGC core editor (ICE) is a tool used for editing cores. It can also be used to look up missile lifespans, hitpoints or any other in-depth information for ships, weapons, missiles, equipment, and much more.
Download ICE
Getting started
Intro: Overview · Top 10 things you should know · Newbie games
Installing: Quick install · Step by step guide · Troubleshooting
Gameplay: Learning guide · Common mistakes · FAQ · Training index