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Welcome to allegiance. You have a few options for learning the game, the best is likely a little of each category.

1. Go into the game and try it out. You can often find vets that are extremely helpful. If you don't find anyone in game, you can join the "Perpetual Bot DM" game to fight against bots. Join the blue team, and the game will start 30 seconds later.

2. Push F1 in game to view the controls.

3. Join our Discord and ask questions!

Happy hunting, we hope you enjoy our game!

Bookmark this, but if you ever need to get back here just restart Allegiance and hit Training.

More on How to Play

Training missions 1 through 5 are currently disabled as they do not work properly. Missions 6 and 7 still work.

Tip: Allegiance Flight School teaches you a lot, but takes a lot of time to read through. If you just want to try this game out, try reading the Quick Crash Course first. It'll give you enough tips that you won't be completely lost during your first game.

Join a Game

Choose a game and join!

With the previous steps complete, it's a simple matter of running the game from Steam and joining a game.

Getting started
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