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Welcome to the best game you never played!

Welcome! You are likely here as you are a new player to Allegiance, and want to find what it's about, it's history, and most importantly how to play.

The program

Allegiance Cadet Program is a 4-week course designed to teach you the game, make Allegiance more enjoyable, and get you recruited by a competitive squad. The curated program contains detailed content, discussions, and hands on training with helpful instructors. You can request to join at the Cadet Steam group

There is the #cadet-training channel for the program on our Discord server.

You can also jump straight into the material, using the links on the right.

Useful links

Getting started
Intro: Overview · Top 10 things you should know · Newbie games
Installing: Quick install · Step by step guide · Troubleshooting
Gameplay: Learning guide · Common mistakes · FAQ · Training index

The Allegiance
Squad System
About: Squads · Squad leaders · Joining a squad · Creating a squad
Events: Squad events · League · Tournament · Doubles tournament
Active: Z · END · Xexy · Elem
Disbanded: ACE · DSM · FS · GB · J/S · KFH · LWMS · MoM · PI · SRM · SPQR · TRA · TC · XT · ZBS · MEC · NI · PK · RT · SF · SysX
Organisations: Flight School · Command School · @Alleg · Zone Leads 

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