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ACSS start screen

ACSS is an acronym for Allegiance Community Security System. It is the open source replacement for ASGS.

Implemented in the R7 release, ACSS strives to enhance the security in comparison to the old ASGS client.

If you are new to Allegiance, much of this information can be safely ignored. It's more about the differences from our old security system ASGS.



  • What is an ACSS login?
    • This is your account. ACSS assigns an a login hardware signatures, a password, messages, bans and so on...
  • What is an ACSS callsign?
    • A login can contain multiple callsigns. On registration you set your first callsign. If you have multiple callsigns assigned to your login, it doesn't matter which callsign you use to log on at ACSS client or web front end. They all have the same password.


  • How do I create a hider?
    • After you logged into the ACSS client, you may notice the Callsigns tab or the Manage Callsigns button, just click on it. At the bottom you will find a button Create Callsign. Just enter your preferred name and create it.
Warning! Do not log out and create a new login!
  • Once I've had a callsign on ASGS, can I use it on ACSS?
    • Yes, if that callsign isn't used by anyone else.
  • Can anyone register my old ASGS callsign?
    • Yes, today there are no more ties between these two systems. The old ASGS callsigns are no longer protected.


  • I'm member of a squad, where is my tag?
    • Your squad leader has to add you the the squad roster.
  • Where do I manage my squad?
    • If you're a squadleader (you already have the token assigned), you can manage your squad via the ACSS web front end.


  • I'm an @Alleg, where do I find the Enforcer?
    • The Enforcer is no longer a stand alone application, it's part of the ACSS web front end. You need to log in and the Enforcer will appear in the menu if you have the permission to use it.


  • Will ACSS improve balancing?
    • ACSS will give Allegiance all the informations it needs to run AllegSkill balance properly (mu/sigma). Everything else (balancing) have to be handled within Allegiance itself.
  • Will ACSS support virtual machines?
    • Yes, it's a planned feature. You find more informations here.
  • Will ACSS support none Windows operation systems?
    • It's not planned to support Linux or MacOS X in the first official release.


ACSS was released on October 15th 2012. The basic function are available and new features will be added. For more informations visit the forum or take a look at TRAC (links blow).


ACSS web front end

ACSS forum on FAO

ACSS Trac - bug ticket system

ACSS SVN server