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The Free Allegiance Organization (or FAO) is a community run organization supporting Allegiance. It is run by volunteer players that contribute their time and effort to keep this game alive ever since Microsoft stopped supporting this title.

FAO's main area of activity are:

  • The Free Allegiance forums, that are home to various zones that FAO is divided into and is the central hub of activity for the game.
  • The game itself. Volunteer helpers (@Allegs) who are present in game to enforce RoC and ToS via ASGS and help new players understand the game and fit in the community.
  • The squads, offering the pinnacle of Allegiance gameplay, are one of the most important group of players determining game balance.
  • Zone Leaders coordinate the various zones of activity in the FA Organization, like development, training, enforcement, community events, documentation and technical support.

FAO exists today because of individuals like Thalgor, Pook, BlackViper, Tigereye, aarmstrong, Noir and many others, who contributed time, effort and money to keep their favorite game alive.