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Release date: March 1st, 2006
Bugs fixed: 6
Features added: 4

Coding Work: AEM, Dogbones, FullMark, Imago, KGJV, Pook, Radar, Thalgor, Tigereye


R1 was the first and arguably the biggest development step made by the FAZ dev team. Their major acheivements were rewriting the code to incorporate the security features provided by SOVLogin and updating Allegiance for a modern compiler. The first of these changes meant that Allegiance was suddenly a lot more accessible to the average user. Instead of mucking around with router settings, SOVLogin, and ASGS, players could now simply click on a server and immediately join. This change allowed many new players to join the community.

The second change meant that all future code work would be greatly simplified.

Other notable acheivements were AEM's work with the obsolete F1 Help Display, bringing it up to date and filling it with far more information than it had before, making it actually useful as a help resource; and the collecting of game logs & statistics, which began the long slow process of creating today's ranking system.


Bugs Fixed

  • Allegiance is built against a modern compiler, offering slightly increased speeds and better interfaces with modern hardware. Sounds may sound clearer, and visuals may seem crisper depending on your hardware and drivers.
  • SOVLogin has been removed from the login sequence, and its core functions have been written into ASGS and Allegiance itself. (Pook, radar)
  • When marking yourself as AFK, you will no longer be marked as "back" after a game has ended. (Imago)
  • When logging in with ASGS , you no longer have the ability to modify your callsign within Allegiance which used to cause "Authentication=2" errors. (radar)
  • Missing "Game Information" was added to the Game Info screen. (KGJV? FullMark?)
  • The Teleport Probe's 1-in-6 chance of "Random destruction" has been removed. All teleport probes will always work, and no longer have any chance of detonating. (Dogbones, radar)

Features Added

  • Chat Logging has been written into Allegiance itself via the LogChat String Registry Key. Set its value to "1" to enable chat logging. This is handled automatically by ASGS using the "Log Chat To Disk" option.(Dogbones)
  • The in-base Ship Loadout screen no longer requires 800x600 resolution. When docking/launching, your monitor's resolution will no longer switch. (FullMark? KGJV?)
  • Additional events are fired behind the scenes, allowing more detailed gamelogs to be captured for historical and game-balancing purposes. (Tigereye)
  • The "Help" screen has been rewritten to include up-to-date help information. (AEM)

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