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R5 is the currently active version (since November 2009).


Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed month in chat log (Dogbones)
  • Fixed - NaN bug in image render (KGJV)
  • Added sleep to game screen (reduces cpu) (Orion)
  • Fixed exploit of turrets switching viewed clusters (Dogbones)
  • Fixed a client crash under rare cases dealing with an IP address check when you join a server (Imago)
  • Fixed a bug caused by R4 which caused cons to dodge missiles when lining up at a rock (dogbones)
  • Fixed the black square around minefields (Imago)
  • Fixed a one millisecond per frame rate loss (Orion) (Imago)
  • Settings are now saved to registry (bug #24)
    • Ctrl+G Grid, Virtual Joystick state, Chat Filter options (TheBored)
    • Radar mode, video resolution, brightness (Imago)
  • Fixed custom key maps not working / resetting in training missions (Rock)
  • Fixed default voice over volume
    • defaults are now SFX:5 Music:30 VO:10 was SFX:5 Music:30 VO:3 (Hyro/Imago)
  • Fixed damage to station events (TheRock)
  • Fixes to several "Unfair" MDL calls (Andon)
  • Fixed ASGS routines so they are non-blocking (now uses callbacks once used by AZ) (Imago)
  • Fixed FedSrv LAN games so they won't lookup ASGS (Imago)
  • Fixed server to log the IP address of the player joining the server (Imago)
  • Fixed AllSrvUI created games not appearing in the lobby games list right away. (Imago)
  • Four server crash issues fixed:
    • Fixed in CshipIGC::ResetWaypoint(..). typo that could lead to a server crash (KGJV)
    • Added TheBored's server crash patch (TheBored)
  • Fixed unsafe string handling in Lobby which could crash it (Imago)
  • Fixed acceleration GA bug (madpeople/Rock/Imago)

Features Added

  • Added game bandwidth entry under <Esc> (w0dk4)
    • With these options: Dial-Up (33k), (56k), Broadband (128k), (512k), (>1mbit)
    • The above settings control how much DATA YOUR CLIENT RECEIVES from the server (not sends).
    • It ONLY comes into play in busy (crowded) sectors by sending updates for ships that would not have made the 'cut off' at a lower setting.
  • Added confirm on boot from Team Pane (Imago)
  • Added Allegiance client ability to use core folders (Imago)
    • Core folders definition: A core folder is a folder located in the artwork path that contains a set of text-based files containing the data necessary to reconstruct the IGC object.
  • Improved F5 Investment panel (KGJV)
    • Tech being invested now shows time remaining
    • There is a checkbox to hide completed tech
    • There is a checkbox to show unavailable tech, and what is required to make it available
  • Fixed -quickstart (Restored original functionality) (Imago, Cortex Bug #78 inspiration)
  • Joystick deadzone (Imago)
    • Added "smallest" joystick dead zone, try 0.04 (Imago)
  • Added game pad support and support for Xbox controllers using the XBCD as well as special joysticks primarily used for flight simulators (Imago)
  • Multi-team alliances can be set by the Game Controller (KGJV)
    • Ships treat allied bases like carriers
    • Friendly Fire applied to allies
    • Added Selecting allied ships (click/drag) (Imago)
    • Added allies chat channel when mission has allies (Imago)
    • Added allied players to the "tab" chat target selector logic (Imago)
    • Added Other comms go AFK & not ready on alliance settings change (Imago)
    • Added a message for the donor when donating to an allied team (Imago)
    • Added "Allow Allied Ripcord" game setting and artwork (Imago/pkk)
    • Added allied color to the allied group number in F6 team pane (Imago)
    • Added allies to sector chat target (Imago)
    • Added concatenated team names for victory message on alliances end game, conquest only (Imago)
    • Added allied single donations from the F6 team pane (Imago)
  • Added mass limited aleph support (Andon)
    • Custom maps can set MaxMass of a ship to allow entry on alephs
  • Graphics engine upgraded to DX 9 (Doofus, KGJV)
    • Added NVidia PerfHUD support (KGJV)
    • Added FZDebugDX9 / FZRetailDX9 with KGJV's changes from R5Dev, Intel integrated 9 series now works /w latest drivers on hardware DX9 (Imago)
    • Added forcing off environment and poster drawing if the display adapter does not support DX9 via. hardware, fixes game play for Intel integrated 8 series (Imago)
  • Adding advanced video settings to the "esc menu" (Imago)
  • Added "Safe Mode", will present the video settings dialog when chosen from ASGS. (Imago)
  • Added - new "Image3D()" function to modeler (KGJV)
  • Added MDL enhancements (expose more target information to the HUD (XYZ coordinates)) (Andon)
  • Additional MDL call expansions (Andon)
    • Many of these are restricted to only the player's ship or their parent ship due to the possibility for unfair use
  • Added right click events to buttons in Engine/GUI (Imago)
  • Added AllSrvMP NT service and default games support (Imago)
    • AllSrvMP definition: AllSrvMP is a Multi-Processing server. By using a parent thread to serve create game requests, it is able to serve a large number of game requests with less system resources than a single process-based server. It retains more stability of a single process-based server by keeping each game in it's own separate processes.
  • Added ability to specify a public game server IP:port to try on failure (Imago)
  • Added Core2Text and Text2Core command line switches to AllSrv (Imago)
    • AllSrv -Core2Text <core name> (no .igc file extension) - Reads the binary IGC file passed as an argument from the artwork path and outputs "friendly" values for each object in the core. You can place optional definition files for bit mask flag names in the core's folder.
    • AllSrv -Text2Core <core name> (no .igc file extension) - Reads a set of text-based files in a sub-folder of artwork which contain the data necessary to reconstruct a binary IGC file and then saves it in the artwork path.
  • Added "Password#" optional registry parameter for default games (KGJV)

Experimental Mode

  • Probes are treated as if friendly fire is always on
  • Probes dropped too close to an aleph 'tip' are destroyed (within 30m)
  • Fixed a bug in Experimental mode which disallowed escape pods.
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