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Free Allegiance Zone Beta is similar to Shadow Allegiance, which was used by Microsoft RG during their development of the game. It allowed for people "in the know" to connect to a lobby that automatically updated the client and artwork to a pre-release version. This let MSRG developers get feedback from a select few and help decide to release the updated versions to the masses or go back to the drawing board.


The Free Allegiance Zone Dev Team is responsible for FAZ Beta and overall continued development of Allegiance, but you can assist development by carefully following the instructions that have been conveniently placed here.

The number one reason testing is important: developers require timely and constant feedback. There are many more obvious reasons, one of them being to check if the next update will be compatible with your computer.

There are effectively two kinds of testing: By yourself (or with a very small group) to test individual issues, and with a large group to "stress-test" overall performance.

It's usually not necessary to test by yourself (unless you are a developer or you are helping a developer with a specific test case). For large-scale tests FAZ Beta Team have scheduled weekly events on Wednesdays. There is more tester activity throughout this day of the week than any other and thus makes testing a more enjoyable experience. Sometimes larger scale beta events will be held on the weekends, watch the Free Allegiance home page for information regarding these.

Getting Started


Here you can find links to all the downloads you may need to run the latest allegiance build for FAZ beta.

Beta build gets distributed via ASGS. All you need to do is switching into Beta mode (within Allegiance menu) and clicking on Update / Repair Critical Files (within Help menu).

The old Allegiance installer didn't prepare your computer to run the beta, there will be some issues:

  • ASGS will overwrite your regular Allegiance.exe
    • You need to run Update / Repair Critical Files if you wanna play on regular lobby again
  • ASGS doesn't enforce artwork
    • You may need to delete files within your ..\Alleginace\artwork\dev folder.


This section provides tips for common errors when following these instructions.


It is not necessary to use ASGS when testing FAZ Beta. To launch the game just double click the Allegiance.exe. Without ASGS you are able to run using multiple clients on FAZ Beta.


It is highly recommended that you have "clean" artwork without mods installed. Testing FAZ Beta with custom mods, chat packs, etc. can have unexpected results and may prevent you from launching the game, connecting to the lobby, joining a server and piloting/commanding. -->

Vista/Win7 UAC

The Allegiance.exe beta is built with "RunAsInvoker". You may need to run Allegiance.exe with administrator rights.

Playing the game

This section gives you background on what's changed and provides instructions for testing specific issues.


Main article: Test cases

Where do I report bugs/suggestions?

  • For suggestions or "Bugs" that will affect game play if "fixed" report in the FAZ Beta forum
  • To report a bug first check http://trac.alleg.net/report and browse the lists of active tickets
  • If your issue is not documented go to http://trac.alleg.net/newticket and fill out as much information as possible on your issue
  • Any details on how to reproduce your issue are vital and will speed up the process of getting them fixed

Testing tips

Use multiple clients

Create a shortcut to launch Allegiance with the -multi and -windowed command-line switches. After creating a shortcut, right click on it then left click properties. Append (add to the end) of the target -windowed -multi after the quotes (if any).

Use quickstart

Create a shortcut as explained in the tip above. Add -quickstart to the end of the target, outside the quotes (if any). This will cause the game to join the most populated server automatically. If no players exist on any servers, a game will attempt to be created using the official core on the official server.

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