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R6 is the currently in development.


Game Play

Bugs Fixed

  • Added a workaround for a problem that caused the hit points and the armor class to be no longer shown at the loadout screen. (Cort)
  • Fixed an existing bug with wings (command wing promotion when leader leaves now happens) (Imago)
  • Fixes #12 - You can now join NOAT from a locked team but NOAT can't join a locked team and team members can't switch teams (besides NOAT) (Imago)
  • Fixes the existing carrier resupply bug where equipment wouldn't be mounted - (AaronMoore)
  • Modified quickchat.mdl (ahipyard) this of course won't go to production AU but will make it in the installer.
  • Send voice chats over private messages from lobby #8 (Imago)


Features Added

  • Ripcord: Selecting a target will let you ripcord the the closest available ripcord next to selected target (station, ship or teleprobe) (rock)
  • Enhance the load out screen by caching your load outs to disk - use number keys and CTRL + number (0-9) (AaronMoore)
  • Create an anchor for the chaff dispenser and tweak the chaff position if it's defined on our hulltype #94 (TurkeyXIII/Imago)

Technical Issues

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed client crash when ripping pod to same sector (Imago/Rock)
  • Fixed Saitek X58 and any joystick with 5+ axis (Imago)
  • Backed out r496 (again), fixes F4 Inventory Pane cloak % (Imago)
  • Forced SiS 661FX/M661FX/760/741/M760/M741 boards to SWVP (Imago)
  • Changed clipping render state to be based off of MaxVertexW (Imago)
  • Added DirectInput 8 1STPERSON controller support (Imago)
  • Fix visual synch error with ripcord countdown and cloak percentage reporting error in F4. (Andon/Imago)
  • Fixed base destroyed not reporting to TAG correctly (Fuzz/Imago/Rock/PKK/notjarvis)
  • Fix for breaking change to cscript (see also r400) (pkk/Imago)
  • Reverted mmf's change on 11/8. Client side. (Rock)
  • Fixed (invisible) ships overlaying on a turrets f3 view while the pilot switches viewing sectors in base. Server side. (Rock)
  • Removed some asserts (Imago)
  • Closes ticket #3 (Allow building the solution with spaces in the path) (Imago)
  • Fix dependency issue with VS2010 FZRetail (Imago)
  • Preparing for a DX9 compatible SW rasterizer #89 (Imago)
  • Updated batch scripts for use /w bitten (Imago)
  • Set a pre-processor define to get the proper Dev/Beta/Prod reg-keys. Still defaults to Beta. (Imago)
  • Closed #33 - practically removed the wiggle room AEM put in to originally help solve this Z-drag, click mis-select bug (Imago)
  • Added a cores.txt to artwork so servers can appear to connect up correctly by default (Imago)
  • Made allsrv send a compatible response to qstat using -bfs mode on port 25000+ (Imago)
  • Fix an existing bug/crash case introduced by KGJV wrt getting ip address (Imago)
  • Fixed another server crash edge case (Imago)
  • Adjusted VS2010 FZretail project configurations to help create dump files (Imago)
  • Fixed a lobby crash case (server sending bad location) (Imago)
  • Existing bugs with ms_original src in Server reloader (AutoUpdate) fixed (Imago)
  • Set FZRetail to use non-SSE2 enhanced versions of Ogg/Vorbis as these cause major issues on unsupported CPUs (old AMDs) (Imago)
  • Allowed Test objects/AGC to interact with 1.1 servers w/o having to use the AdminSession (Imago)
  • Enhancements to AutoUpdate.exe for new mode of operation `AutoUpdate.exe shutdown` will perform a graceful restart of the Allegiance game server. (Imago)
  • Fixed a pesky VS2010 solution FZRetail fresh-build issue (Imago)
  • Closes #2 - server reg string: PrivilegedUsers = space delimited list of Character names (squad and case insensitive) (Imago)


  • Removed a debug build assert that was happening frequently when the server tries to deal damage to a ship that is no more (Imago)
  • Found a crash spot when game shuts down (fixed memleak?) (Imago)
  • Fixed a case where the dmp file would be created w/o version info (Imago)
  • Got the solution building /w latest DX SDK (June 10) - Removed ddraw.lib dependency (Imago)
  • Fixed one more spot where you can "unlock" the update rate (Imago)
  1. 113 4xFSAA reverts to 2xFSAA after restart(Imago)


Features Added

  • Added mini dump support to all Allegiance objects - .dmp file is now created on Crash or Hang (Imago)
  • Resurrected the AutoUpdate.exe and Reloader.exe so fazdev/beta can have 1.1 versions. (Imago)
  • Restored some additional options to server: Log events to a SQL database - Specify a custom lobby address (Imago)
  • Resurrected the Allegiance Test Common Component Objects (Imago)
  • Re-enabled Live training mission, still needs artwork to make room for the 8th button (Imago)
  • Marked reloader and autoUpdate /w Version Information (Imago)
  • Added the full version string to the dump files (Imago)
  • Increased information captured in mini dump, its now a midi dump. - may be too large? they 7z up well.... (Imago)
  • Started running update/bitten tools from the checkout. (Imago)
  • Updateed the trac URLs to the official alleg.net domain (Imago)
  • Removed option to toggle vsync, the interval rate is locked at one like it used to be (R4) (Imago)
  • Made use of AutoUpdate shutdown for Beta update (Imago)
  • Added beta intro video (Imago)
  • Set debug settings for allegiance to include -nomovies (Imago)
  • Never compress files < 2K for autoupdate (they will probably get bigger, then break AU) (Imago)
  • Never compress files that are already a compressed format for autoupdate (they will probably get bigger, then break AU) (ogg, avi)
  • GameInfoD now runs as a service on fazdev (Imago)
    1. 111 minor tweaks to how the client handles the currently unused AUTO_UPDATE message. Lobby now sends it if you have the correct reg entries and a filelist.txt. (Imago)
  • Added the uncompressed filelist for the legacy autoupdate functionality in the lobby, which is now being used to PUSH auto updates when the lobby shuts down for upgrade (Imago)
  • Modified bitten recipe to tell msbuild to use all CPUs on CDN. (Imago)
  • Ported autoupdate.exe shutdown to perl for the hell of it - demonstrates use of unsecured adminsession (enabled on 1.1 servers) - this also gets around a process spawning security issue in the bitten build wrt COM policy on CDN. (Imago)
  • Updated vs2008 again to keep up /w vs2010 stuff (Andon)
  • Ensure the registration of correct AGC.dll is done when running shutdown.pl before upgrade. (Imago)
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