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ASGS stands for Allegiance Secure Gameplay System and its main purpose is to prevent players cheating in Allegiance.

To join an online game of Allegiance you must log in with your callsign to ASGS, which authenticates your gameplay account, checks whether your Allegiance.exe matches the current version, and logs you in to the servers, in that order. You can launch Allegiance.exe without ASGS, but will be unable to join online play.

ASGS was written by a player, Pook, after MS stopped supporting Allegiance in order to help prevent cheating. It was used in conjunction with SovLogin until the release of FAZ R1 in March 2006, at which point the game code was developed so that ASGS incorporated the functions of SovLogin.

Currently ASGS is at Version 2.2 build 205 and incorporates many useful features, such as:

  • Being used by Zone Leaders to send polls to the entire player community
  • Being used by Squad Leaders and Assistant Squad Leaders to send messages to their squad.
  • Being used by @Alleg to discipline disruptive players.
  • It can be used to provide feedback (positive or negative) on other players.
  • It incorporates automatic updating software for when new versions of Allegiance.exe are released.
  • And much more. See the ASGS guide for a complete list.

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