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Release date: August 1st, 2006
Bugs fixed: 8
Features added: 16

Coding Work: AEM, Dogbones, Imago, Radar, Tigereye, Your_Persona


R2 saw a lot of work getting done on the chat system that Allegiance uses, both to block "cheats" and to add much desired functionality. Many of the changes revolved around NOAT. Players could now see who was in NOAT, NOATers could PM others easily, and chat in their own channel.

The introduction of partial investment was a great step forward. It gave commanders many more options and control over their investments. Slower research factions benefited the most, allowing commanders to partially research multiple items at once. This change, along with the TP2 "fix" in R1, has given Bios new life.

One point worth a special mention is the enabling of virtual joystick during launch animations. Mouse users can control their ship during launch just like joystick users, giving them an equal footing.


Bugs Fixed

  • Allegiance's external "Ship_Killed" messages now match the ingame stats. As a result, the Recent Games webpage should now always match the in-game Last Game Stats. (Tigereye)
  • AFK is now unset when joining teams. (Imago)
  • Giving command to someone else now keeps you on Command Wing instead of dropping you to Attack Wing. (Radar)
  • You can no longer chat to enemy constructors/miners/other drones. (Radar)
  • Chat Messages now have a length restriction of 255 characters. Attempting to chat more will no longer crash the client. (Your_Persona)
  • Removed dependency on EULA.dll since Allegiance's EULA is now accepted during install. (Your_Persona)
  • Custom resolutions set via registry keys are no longer overwritten at random. (AEM)
  • Drones can no longer "see" targets after the targets are no longer spotted. (AEM)

Features Added

  • ELO ranks are now shown in the Rank column. (Imago)
  • Allegiance now automatically sets you AFK if it detects no activity for 5 minutes. (Imago)
  • Quickchat keystrokes are no longer affected by the mouse unless the mouse is moved. (Tigereye)
  • The game lobby now auto-sorts all games by #players. (Radar)
  • Game stats now default-sort to points instead of players. (Radar)
  • NOAT now shows up as a team in the F6 screen so you can see who's in NOAT. (Radar)
  • NOAT now has its own teamchat just like any other team in the lobby. (Radar)
  • You can now PM players from NOAT by clicking their name in the team lists to select them. Click them again to de-select them and once again chat to "all". (Radar)
  • Player restrictions on original maps have been removed. (Your_Persona)
  • Investors can now partially invest 10% increments into developments by right-clicking them. Partial-investing will always leave 1cr unpaid to avoid finishing the investment. You must use the original "Invest" button to complete it as usual. (Tigereye)
  • Investors can now fully invest in a development by doubleclicking it. (Tigereye)
  • Virtual Joystick now works during launch animations. (Dogbones)
  • Drone status and other info is now relayed to 3 wings in addition to the "Command" wing: Charlie, Delta, and Echo. (AEM, Tigereye, Dogbones)
  • Ingame Help screens (F1) can now include hyperlinks. (AEM)
  • + and ? tokened players can join rank restricted servers. (Dogbones)
  • Chat logs can now be accessed by external processes while Allegiance is running. (?)

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