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Specialty cores are cores that are not based in the Allegiance universe, but in a total different universe. The Star Wars core and the Battlestar Galactica core are both Specialty cores

Star Wars Core

The Star Wars core is based around the universe of Star Wars and dispenses with most of the regular Allegiance techs and styles and replaces them with Star Wars variants. It also replaces the vehicles with those from the Star Wars universe. The Star Wars core was created by Weedman. The Star Wars core is currently not hosted, because of it's instability with FAZ R4 release.

Battlestar Galactica Core

The Battlestar Galactica core is based around the universe of Battlestar Galactica and dispenses with even more of the standard Allegiance than the Star Wars core. The core, like the Star Wars core, replaces Allegiance vehicles with Battlestar Galactica vehicles and variants. The Battlestar Galactica core also changes the way that tech trees work, changing most ship tech to Supremacy, most weapon tech to Tactical, general tech to Garrison, and most GAs to Expansion. The Battlestar Galactica Core is currently hosted on Stripe. The latest Autoupdate version is 0.33A.

The Allegiance Cores
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