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This is the oldest player-made core, a project of Spunkmeyer and later Fox_Four. This core has gone through some 15 revisions, starting from the Microsoft core (release 1.25). It had widespread support after fixing some of the more glaring problems in the Microsoft core, such as the utter dominance of Iron Coalition Expansion or "Tacspansion" strategies, and the relative weakness of Bios. The core lost popularity in later revisions, due to the advent of the Dark Nebulae core, the absence of the Core's developers, and the fact that during this absence the core was unplayable due to an artwork bug. Some, who complained about nerfs, felt they eliminated the uniqueness of the factions; this also detracted from its popularity in more recent years. It features all of the Microsoft factions, as well as Dreghklar and Ga'Taraan. Alleg+R7 was used as a basis for the GoD(Good Old Days) core, which has recently been revived as GoDII.

The Allegiance Cores
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Alleg+ release 16 (Never released.)

Planned changes:

  • Reduce corvette back-speed to from ridiculous to 65
  • Rename Pulse Probe(S) to Pulse Probe
  • Remove Combat Pod 2 and Vulcan Cannon 2 from treasures
  • Make carriers unavailable if Shipyard tag is off
  • Replace ugly ass SB icon with the old 1.25 icon?
  • Re-evaluate belter tac ships' HP ?
  • Reduce gar-carrier HP by 20% and provide free upgrade to full HP carrier drones free with SY ?
  • Corvette's are researchable without Palisade -fix

Alleg+ release 15 b7 (2006-08-14)

  • Scouts now carry 1 PP per slot, you need adv scouts for 2 PP/slot
  • Rix tac can cary pulse probes, although half capacity as before.
  • Advanced GS icon bug fixed.
  • Rix HTT stinger/suppressor bug fixed.


  • Hopefully nailed the scout probe bug this time (thanks Ang)
  • Luxury sf changes reverted (now 25% more energy, extra missile)
  • Luxury int changes reverted (now 20 sec rip time, 25% less signature)
  • IC heavy outpost and teleport changes reverted (now as strong as it used to be in 1.25, tele still galvable)
  • Light base strength changes reverted.
  • PW Suppressor is now EW Suppressor again.
  • BIOS advanced gunship has cloak again (thanks Hawkwood)
  • Gunships can no longer carry pulse probes.
  • Rocket targeting system adjusted for better accuracy.
  • Faction specific floating tech removed.

b5 to b3:

  • IC mining speed bonus removed
  • Rix tac ships can deploy probes again
  • Lux ships completely redone/simplified: lux int has 18 sec rip + 50% more scan range, lux sf has extra missile + 20% sig bonus, lux fig has fourth gun + 33% more ammo + extra missile.
  • Carriers are now small rip. Bombers etc. no longer try to rip to carriers. Rix fighters cannot rip to carriers, however they are now identical to enh. fighters except for rip capability and HP.
  • Most station icons reverted to those circa R12.
  • Ship shield is now in Sup.
  • Missile damage is now in Tac
  • Small shield, Med shield, Mrm seeker and Heavy cloak prices reduced 50%
  • Corvettes get RTS for free, mount light shield instead of medium, have light hull instead of medium, higher top speed 130. Kinetic bombs renamed to Ballistic Bomb, cost reduced to 125, reload time reduced to 15. MRR Lighting range reduced to 1300m at standstill
  • Mustangs have med hull again
  • Killer and heavy pod damage increased 50% (Heavy pods keep firing 50% longer)
  • Small boost to cap strength overall, and a big boost to cruiser strength
  • GT He3 speed penalty and hull penalty removed. 5% gun and missile damage penalty added, research station price reduced to 7500
  • IC op/tele hull weakness to bombers bug fixed.
  • Adv gunship upgrade in sup (higher top speed, more hull, more agile, can mount dumbfires) for 7500. Gun mounts now fixed
  • Light boosters replaced by Hybrid boosters that have the power of Booster 1 with reduced fuel consumption. Int and heavy int fuel reduced to compensate: Mk I gives you the same range as before w/ Booster 1. Mk II gives you extended range.
  • Advanced scout upgrade probe loadout bug really fixed. Escort scout prox/minepack bug also fixed
  • Patroller gun mounts really reverted to left & right configuration
  • GT pulse laser consumes more energy.
  • GT Mini Disruptor 25% more powerful.
  • GT HTT armor plating replaced by HTT Upgrade package, providing more armor, more agility, far better acceleration and slightly higher top speed.
  • GT Gauss gun range reduced to 1100m before range upgrades. Damage increased to match that of Sniper 2. Gauss is now 50% area damage
  • All fighters can now backpedal at 75% speed, giving them more room to use missiles.
  • All constructor and miner names now have a period prefix.
  • All long part names I could spot have been shortened to make the revision number visible on the F4 panel.
  • All advanced fighter mass reduced from 36 to 30 to improve combat worthiness
  • Util gun damage increased 10% across the board. Range reduced ~10%
  • Ship acceleration temporarily moved to tac - it's worthless for exp as it is, and I'm not decided whether applying to boosters would uber exp or not.
  • Rix HTT now recharges energy and can use Stinger. However it's only good vs teles/refs and taking down op shields - you still want EW Suppressor for tech base jobs
  • EWS Probe 2 scan range increased to 725m, signature dropped to 24%. EWS Probe 3 scan range increased to 990m, signature dropped to 18%. These number represent a 100% boost for each step.
  • MRM Seekers now lock in 1.25/1/0.75 secs.
  • All scouts have slightly more ammo. (This may be reverted)
  • Corvette acceleration improved
  • All sfs and sbs load the new Mini Shield by default. Mini Shield is the result of Small Shield research. 65/80/100 hp, fully recharges in 10 seconds.
  • GT scouts are now 15% bigger
  • Advanced scout scan range reverted to 3K. They no longer relay lead indicator.
  • GT advanced scout gun mount bug fixed
  • Mustang gun mounts reverted to left-right configuration.
  • Galv damage on base hulls (only - base shield damage remains the same) reduced 20% (this may be reverted)
  • Due to popular demand Corvettes, once again, fire rockets 4 at a time.

Alleg+ release 15b2 (2005-04-21)

Fourth and last release by Fox_Four

(The following is the result of core comparison by Spunky and are not written by the core author..if anyone has the original log please update.)

  • Assault ships now use Assault Cloak instead of Heavy Cloak which uses ~50% more energy, thus reducing AS cloaking duration
  • GT Rapid Charging Unit renamed Solar Inverter
  • Rix Solar Inverter renamed Rixian Generator
  • Rixian generator now cycles faster and delivers 50 units of energy/sec instead of 40
  • Points for:

finding an aleph: 2->5 retrieving tech: 5->15 destroying a miner: 10->25 destroying a const: 20->40 destroying a layer: 10->15 destroying a carrier: 10->20 destroying a player: 5->10 (?????) destroying a base: 25->50 capturing a base: 35->75 picking a pod: 10->5

  • Mini damage on parts reduced 20%, emp damage on light bases increased 25%
  • Heavy scouts replaced by Escort scouts. A lot of adjustments to mines and probes capacities and usage masks to support different probe and mine capacities of Escort and Advanced Scouts
  • Many development descriptions revised.
  • Minepack 1 damage increased from 75 to 100, Minepack 2 from 90 to 125
  • Hunter 1 CM resistance increased from 1 to 1.25
  • He3 Yield moved to SY
  • Ga'Taraan assault carrier upgrade removed (??????)
  • IC He3 Speed reduced from 140% to 100%
  • Dreg gets a 10% missile damage bonus, missile tracking bonus increased from 15% to 20%, station hull and shied repair gets a 20% penalty (reinstated?)
  • Ga'Taraan 20% He3 Speed penalty removed, but gets a 5% missile damage and PW damage penalty.
  • DM ships get a (DM) before their name (internal change)
  • Lxy ships renamed Luxury
  • Luxury interceptors can mount minidis just like heavy interceptors
  • Lt ships renamed Light
  • Pod Fighters/Bombers renamed Stealth Fighters/Bombers
  • Mustangs now mount dual vulcan cannons, and no mini AC or Heavy Nanite
  • Constructors are now tagged with (S) or (L) depending on small or large
  • Sniper 1 range improved to be same as Sniper 2
  • Snipers get a 30% damage boost (there is an area damage of 5m marked, but 0 area damage)
  • MiniACs along with heavy scouts
  • Heavy Nanite Cannon, GT Turrets (?) and Vulcan Cannon added.
  • Gauss damage increased from 62.5 over 10m to 75 over 15m
  • A lot of ship changes, particularly turn rates of stealths, DM ships and gunships...need to check all this in detail
  • Some changes to Ga'Taraan base hierarchy. Need to investigate in more detail.
  • Utl cannon, sniper and gauss energy consumptions are reduced about 15%
  • Combat pod and Vulcan cannon added to Treasures, all chances are equalized/reduced

Alleg+ release 14 (2004-12-28)

Third release by Fox_Four

1 ) IC Heavy Outposts are still ungalvable by all factions except IC themselves. IC can galv their own ops, but with difficulty.

2 ) IC Heavy Teleport Receivers are still galvable by all factions, but are somewhat hardened vs IC galvs and SIGNIFICANTLY hardened vs all others. If you thought Giga Special Mines were hard to galv, take a deep breath and find a seat before you try these teles.

3 ) IC now has a 40% bonus to mining speed. That's over 15 seconds off of the time they spend at a rock for a full load. You're getting your paydays much quicker than anyone else, and your miners are going to be exposed a lot less. I want to see if this is enough to mitigate the problems that people are complaining about with respect to IC's economy.

4 ) GigaCorp Luxury Fighter for some reason had a 50% scan nerf compared to Adv in R12/13. I have no idea why. That's been rectified in this release. Additionally, some other tweaks have been made to GigaCorp Luxury ships, to make them seem a little more worthy of the $500 a pop. So here are the end results:

Luxury Fig:

- 1000m scan range, same as Adv Fig (previously 500m) - can load Galvonic Blaster (same as R12/13) - 4 gun mounts - 33% ammo bonus from Adv Fig, to feed a 4th Gat - 6 missiles per rack - 66% reduction in mass from Adv Fig, and 40% reduction in thrust (see below)

Luxury Int:

- 12 fuel capacity, same as Heavy Int - 15-second rip (previously 20-second, which was often too late for D) - 25% sig bonus from Heavy Int - 50% ECM bonus from Heavy Int (missiles take 50% longer to lock on)

Luxury SF:

- 4 Hunter-class missiles per rack - 33% energy bonus over Adv - 40% sig bonus over Adv (these things will be NASTY when used stealthily)

The mass/thrust changes to the Lux Fig probably need a bit more explanation... with a standard loadout of 2 racks of missiles, the Lux Fig has the same thrust to mass ratio as the Adv Fig. However, when boosting, its thrust to mass ratio is MUCH higher... closer to an int's. Drop some of those missiles, and this baby is a ROCKET.

5 ) IC Galvonic now has the same use-mask as the Galvonic for other factions. This means that you can pick one up and load it on any other adv fig, but it will still not be available to load in base. If your non-IC team has the coordination to pod a bunch of IC galvers, steal their galvs, and then galv back, you get rewarded.

6 ) Heavy Adv Miner base signature was increased 100% to 0.5, the same as Adv Miner. With Med Shield, that equates to a 25% sig increase. The total difference between Heavy Adv Miners and Adv Miners is now a 25% scan range bonus and a 20% hull bonus.

7 ) IC can now research Adv Miner Type SB, and can get Heavy Adv Miners. I think this was not allowed in R12/13 since IC miners rip, but ripping miners are actually much easier to kill than running ones if you have missiles, so I feel that they should not be denied the final upgrade.

8 ) The Rix HTT weapon is now a particle weapon that uses ammo instead of energy, the PW Suppressor. It's statistics are exactly the same as the old EW Suppressor (same damage on base shields as Stinger 3), but this allowed the following change:

9 ) Rix Ballistas and Heavy Ballistas can now mount PW Suppressor, just as other factions' Bombers and Heavy Bombers can mount EMP Missile. Whether or not it is worthwhile is up to the pilot to decide. Note that since it uses ammo, you would have to plan your turret activity to accommodate the extra demand. Likewise, Rix HTT's can mount Stinger again. But before you let your cheese-dreams get too vivid, you might want to have a look at the zero energy recharge rate and VERY small energy reserve of the Rix HTT. I want to do some more calculations before I boost it back up to a decent level (which will be no more than enough to take down HALF the hull of a standard teleport receiver).

10 ) The above changes fix the Ga'Taraan Stinger/Mini-Dis conflict. In R12/13 you could mount Stinger on Ga'Taraan Heavy Ints in the Mini-Dis slot. Spunky quick-patched that by giving the ints zero energy, but you could theoretically still mount the weapon, which was kind of unpolished. Now Mini-Dis has its own use-mask, so that problem is eliminated.

11 ) Heavy Ints of all factions can now pick up and mount Mini-Dis, exactly the same as Adv Figs and Pulse Lasers and Adv SFs and Gauss Cannons. The Ga'Taraan special techs cannot be stolen, but you can use them if you pick them up (until the next time you are podded).

12 ) I adjusted the mass values for a whole heap of parts. Of particular note are the reductions in Prox Mine, MinePack, and Countermeasure mass. I don't know about anyone else, but I was getting very sick of having to strip my scout of any useful cargoes in order to get it to fly respectably. Here's the full list:

- all CM's mass 0 (from 0.25 each) - Prox Mines mass 1 (from 3) - Mine Packs mass 0.5 (from 3) - Sanctuary mass 5 (from 10; is now equal to RP) - Reinforced Teleport Probe mass 12 (from 5, now equal to TP2) - Combat Pod mass 2 (from 3, now equal to Hunter missile) - Heavy Pod mass 3 (from 4, now equal to Killer missile) - Station Pod mass 3 (from 5, now equal to AB) - Heavy Station Pod mass 4 (from 10, now equal to Tac Nuke) - Seismic Pod mass 3 (from 5, now equal to SRM Seismic) - Nanite gun mass 1 (from 2, now equal to all other scout guns) - AC Turret mass 2 (from 1, to be heavier than MiniAC) - SkyCap turret mass 2 (from 1, now equal to AC Turret) - Med Shield mass 8 (from 4, to be significantly heavier than Sm Shield) - all Cloaks mass 2 (from 3+, so Bios ships don't get bogged down so bad) - Solar Inverter mass 2 (from 4, now equal to cloaks) - Rix Solar Inverter mass 2 (from 10, now equal to cloaks)

13 ) Ga'Taraan Mustangs have been dropped down to some semblance of Enh tech class:

- mount Small Shield (used to be Medium) - hull points reduced 12.5% (700 from 800, now the same as regular Int) - scan range reduced 10% (900 from 1000, now the same as Enh Fig) - can no longer use Pulse Probes

They still have Medium armor class, like ints. I was going to make them Light armor and leave HP alone, but then Gat and Mini would do 33% more damage while missiles and Sniper were unchanged, and that seems wrong.

Alleg+ release 13 (2004-07-04)

Second release by Fox_Four.

- Revised icons for ships and bases, designed for maximum informational value with the greatest possible level of visibility and legibility.

- A complete revamp of the Ga'Taraan Federation ship and base models. I think you'll be pretty impressed by the new artwork -- Orion has done some nice work.

Alleg+ release 12f remix (2004-06-18)

This is the first release by Fox_Four

  • Faction "IC Rookies" removed.
  • Standard (pre-R12f) ship icons restored. Certain new R12f icons were causing client crashes for undetermined reasons; this is resolved by reverting all icons to the original images until the new icons are repaired.
  • F5 graphics for "Ship Hull 2", "Ripcord 2", and "PW Range 2" GA's corrected. Acknowledgements to Anguirel and Vyr for pointing out the error in R12f.
  • Bios Scout designation (in ship description) changed from TSR 1 Fox to BSS-1 "Titty Baby", and Bios Adv Scout designation changed from TSR2 Fox to BSS-2 "Titty Baby MkII", for sentimental reasons.
  • Modified four of the points-scoring global values:
   "PointsAsteroid" global changed from 1 to 0.
   "PointsPlayer" global changed from 10 to 5.
   "PointsRescues" global changed from 5 to 10.
   "PointsBaseCapture" global changed from 25 to 35. 

Alleg+ release 12 (2004-05-04)

12f: This is the last release by Spunkmeyer till 15b3 Fixes to:

  • BIOS research time bug
  • Enhanced miner icon bug
  • GT advanced->heavy miner upgrade bug
  • Reduces corvette rocket load to 12 per slot and thunder damage 20%.
  • You can also load 12 MRM Seekers per slot on corv

Earlier editions:

  • Tower cost reduced to 1K
  • Combat pod tracking accuracy maxed out
  • Boosters redone. Light booster is now much more powerful with LB2 having ~91% of Booster 1 thrust, at the expense of some range.
  • A certain AZ related bug fixed.
  • Carriers are only 5K to research. However, they are 5K per (instead of 4K) and SC are 6K per (instead of 5K). This will hopefully encourage more people to try them.
  • IC Op cost reduced to 5K
  • Combat pod range increased to 1200 and inflicts 50% of the damage as area damage. Tracking increased slightly. Heavy pod tracking increased significantly.
  • Special/He3 mine shields reduced to 50% up from what they were before (6666->9999) - that makes them essentialy regular op-strength.
  • Special mines bring in 1250/day as in 1.25
  • MRR Lightning spread reduced by 20%
  • SRM Durandal removed
  • Increase tower vs cap damage, check calthrop vs cap damage too
  • GT TP 1 research reduced to 120 seconds (as it should be)
  • GT miners are full capacity but mine at 80% of normal rate.
  • Increased Dreg missile track bonus to 15% (from 10%, to encourage tac and sup more)
  • Carriers are now available in Garrison for 7.5K research for 4K each. You can still get carriers by building a SY as well as researching them in Garrison. Super carriers always require the carrier research in Garrison as well the SY itself, otherwise they are freely available with SY for 5K each.
  • SRM Seismic has been moved to basic tac
  • Troop transports cost $1 and have 50 more HP
  • Gat3/AC3 texture has been reduced to same size as Gat2/AC2
  • IC fig third gun mount moved from above the cockpit to below the cockpit
  • IC sup adv figs can galv heavy ops
  • BIOS int side gun mounts have been moved closer
  • BIOS fig is ~15% bigger
  • Lux int no longer has any fuel penalty
  • Lux fig has 33% more ammo
  • Belter interceptors have 20% more fuel
  • Belter int and enh figs are now entirely generic in DM
  • Belter heavy scout has 15% more top speed in DM
  • GT palisade no longer required to purchase GT tech base
  • GT palisade required to research tech base upgrades
  • GT tech base upgrade cost has been raised to 25K
  • Corvettes now fire MRR Lightnings twice as fast, but only two rockets at a time.
  • Corvette rocket capacity reduced to 16 rockets/slot
  • Gauss cannon inflicts 20% less damage but is now explosive area effect with a range of 10m.
  • BIOS TP research costs reverted to 5K
  • Palisade description fixed
  • Lightning 2 now requires Research Station
  • Corvettes can now dock with carriers
  • GT consts are smaller - they can dock with gar now
  • GT can get heavy scouts (DOH!)
  • GT ints no longer have energy, thus can't use stinger
  • GT Striker is now in SY
  • GT SY upgrade bug fixed
  • GT miner mining speed penalty removed
  • Heavy scout name conflict fixed
  • Heavy scouts now carry only 1 TP
  • Assault ship pack capacity increased and they can carry calthrop/drone towers (firepower assist for the filthy rich
  • Corvette upgrades can be researched independently of Corvette
  • Disruptor 3 energy usage reduced 20%
  • Minigun damage on light bases doubled
  • All special mine and helium mine shields doubled
  • Gat and Dumbfire class damage on light bases halved
  • Rix enhanced fig scout rip interval increased 25% to 30 seconds.
  • Dis 2 treasure is twice as rare.

Alleg+ release 11

Unauthorized =) release by Pook.

  • Bases now have unique icons so you can tell what type and what level (level: adv or std) it is from the icon.
  • Bios scouts are reverted to the way that god intended. (meaning no longer an uncloakable BIOS TP scout - Spunky)

Alleg+ release 10g (2003-10-18)

  • Fixes a scout upgrade bug (thanks Pook)
  • GT miners can now dock anywhere, but have only 80% capacity and 80% mining speed.
  • BIOS tp scout descriptions now read "*THIS IS THE TELEPORT-PROBE-CAPABLE VERSION*"
  • Buncha GT research dependency bugs fixed.
  • MRR Lightning 2 research no longer requires research station.
  • LRR Thunder no longer loads on corvettes by default.

Alleg+ release 10e (2003-10-13)

Changed from Alleg+ release 9:

  • Misc:
    • CTF Bug fixed.
    • TP2, Harbinger of Doom and Dreg Helium Mine research positions fixed.
    • Disruptors, Galvs, Killers, heavy pods and Thunders inflict 11% more damage on large shields.
    • Medium shield 2 & 3 hitpoints have been increased from 350 & 400 to 375 & 468
    • (Small shield 2 & 3 hitpoints have been increased very slightly as well)
    • New ship in DM: Heavy scouts.
    • New techs in DM:
      • AC2
      • Hunter 2
      • Combat Pod 2
      • Sniper 2
      • Prox 2
      • Med Shield 2
      • Small Shield 2
    • Removed techs in DM:
      • Nan 1
      • Probe 1
      • Minepack 2
  • Gar:
    • All gunships can mount EMP Missiles and pulse probes.
    • Medium shield 2 & 3 hitpoints have been increased from 350 & 400 to 375 & 468
      • (Small shield 2 & 3 hitpoints have been increased very slightly as well)
    • Cashbox research now costs only 10 and is complete in 50 seconds for BIOS so that it can be used for partial investment.
  • Sup:
    • AC turret upgrades give mini AC a 10% boost.
  • Exp:
    • Minigun damage on light base hulls increased 25%
  • SY:
    • Hunter Killer 2 HP has been increased 25% and Hunter Killer 3 HP has been increased 50%
  • GT:
    • Miners no longer offload at tech bases (palisade included)
    • Bases are no longer upgraded by default.
    • Bases are 10% stronger.
    • Ships no longer have a hull penalty.
    • GT receives one research-station-tech per tech-path at half price.
      • These half price techs are enhanced towers, mrm zeus, ion booster, light cloak and assault carrier upgrade.
    • All GT ships except mustang and corvette benefit from the 20% research bonus.
    • LRR Thunder reload time and mass have been doubled.
    • Thunders require Corvette research
    • Corvette HP has been reduced 20%.
    • Corvette scan range has been reduced 10%
    • Kinetic bombs are bigger with 20% less damage.
    • Lightning range reduced to 1.5K at max speed, 1.3K at standstill. It's now designated MRR
    • MRR Lightning reload time reduced to 1.5 seconds
    • MRR Lightning has tighter shot spread and 33% less damage.
    • MRR Lightning 2 is researchable with Palisade and Research Lab and inflicts 25% more damage than MRR Lightning 1.
    • Mustang, Corvette and Harbinger of Doom are now cheaper to research.
    • Mustang no longer requires starbase
    • Mini disruptor is now area damage and has 50% more range. It also inflicts 28% less damage.
  • HTT Anti-Ram Ballast is renamed to HTT Armor Plating and increases HTT HP by 22% in addition to the anti-ram benefits.
    • TP1 is now normal price and in starbase.
    • Enh towers, rescue drone, Light sig cloak, Solar Inverter and Ion Booster are now in Std bases.
    • Harbinger of Doom now has the 'nervegas' skull and crossbones icon.
    • MRM Zeus no longer requires MRM2 research.
    • LRM Anti Base max range reduced from 3.3K to 2.8K and is heavier.
    • Fighters are slightly bigger.
    • GT capture & research problems fixed
  • Stealth Bomber now costs 7500 as it should.
    • GT DM no longer gives you IC ships.
    • Mustangs can mount pulse probes.
  • Belters:
    • All belter figs have 20 to 25% more fuel
    • Adv fig second MG slot removed
  • Dreg:
    • He3 mines now have light base hull and shield, as well as 25% lower signature.
  • Iron Coalition:
    • Advanced scouts and heavy scouts are 2500 cheaper.
    • Teleport receivers are now called Reinforced Teleport Receivers and have 33% more hull.
  • Giga:
    • Gigacorp can buy a Reinforced Teleport Probe which is a Teleport Probe 2 with twice the hull at twice the cost
    • Luxury SF can no longer mount medium shield.
    • Luxury SF has 25% more energy and 33% more missile capacity.
    • Special mine income has been reduced 20% (from 1250 to 1000)
  • BIOS:
  • TP1 & TP2 are now regular price (2500)
    • BIOS now has two sets of scouts at each level: one with heavy cloak but no TP2 capability, and one with TP2 capability but no cloak.
  • Rix:
    • Stinger now inflicts AB-like damage on shields and hull
    • Hull restored to 90%.
    • Pod fighters have 20% more energy.
    • Combat Pod 2/3 and Station Pod 2 are now lost if tac is destroyed.
    • HTT can no longer mount stinger. Rix has to research and mount EW Suppressor emp gun instead.
    • Lancer range has been reduced 12.5%

Alleg+ release 9 (2003-05-06)

Changed from Alleg+ release 8:

  • Misc:
    • All towers activate instantly on deployment (no more 30 second wait)
    • He3 mine and special mine signature and strength are now equal to op and light op respectively.
    • He3 mine and special mine scan ranges increased to 3K.
    • Heavy scout dual missile bug fixed.
    • Small shield has been moved back to garrison.
  • Giga:
    • Luxury fighter loads mine pack by default.
  • IC:
    • Super carrier now has the IC ammo bonus.
  • Dreg:
    • Missile damage bonus removed.
    • Station repair rates restored to default.
    • Miners are 10% more efficient with 10% less capacity.
    • Turn inertia nerf removed.
  • Belters:
    • Adv fig can no longer carry galv and 2 mgs/emp at the same time.
  • BIOS:
    • Heavy cloak mass reduced 60% and is now default on BIOS ships.
    • BIOS interceptor energies readjusted to be consistent with fighters.
    • BIOS Light sf signature penalty removed, HP increased to 125.
  • SY (experimental):
    • MF heavy cloak duration reduced 10%
    • Cruisers carry heavy cloak
    • Cruiser ammo increased.
    • Tac nuke and cruise sigs doubled.
    • Large shield sig increased 50% to 150.
    • Cruise 2 sig increased to 100
  • GT:
    • TP1 no longer requires research station but costs and takes twice as much/long to research.
    • Enhanced drones have infinite ammo and 2100 scan range.
    • Ga'Taraan now has to research enhanced ships.
    • Tech base prices increased to 20K, starbase and drydock to 25K.
    • Ship research (except for caps) is now full price.
    • Missile track penalty increased to 10%, ripcord penalty reduced to 10%, research bonus increased to 20%.
    • Guardian top speed increased to 10, fuel increased to 8
    • Rescue drone cost reduced to 500
    • LRR Thunder spread halved and damage increased 50%
    • LRR Lightning damage on miners doubled, spread reduced 20%.
    • Kinetic bomb size reduced, hit points doubled, reload time reduced to 17 seconds.
    • Gauss energy consumption reduced 40%, signature increased to 400%
    • Mustang fuel increased 25%
    • A rocket targeting system is now researchable under Garrison with palisade and research station.
    • LRM Anti Base is now researchable under sup with research station
    • Light Cloak is now researchable under tac with research station
    • Lifepods, bombers and scouts are bigger. Starbase is smaller.
    • Cruiser no longer has the ammo bonus (oops).

Alleg+ release 8 (2003-04-16)

Changed from Alleg+ release 7:

  • Misc:
    • Remaining scout default ship bugs fixed.
    • Chances of finding Gat 2 halved.
  • Gar:
    • Heavy scout now requires starbase to research, as it should.
    • Heavy scout hull increased to 250.
  • Exp:
    • (Expansion changes will be voted on AHQ in 2 weeks.)
      • Interceptor signatures reduced 20%
      • Interceptor fuel capacities reduced by 20%
      • Light booster fuel consumption reduced by 20%
  • SY:
    • Super carrier purchase cost increased to 5K
    • Skyripper is free for IC, BIOS, GT and Dreg.
    • Skyripper damage on light & medium class ships increased 50%
    • Assault ship cost and Devastator hull had consistency issues - fixed.
  • IC:
    • HK 2 and Killer Swarm 1 for free
    • Cruiser is 5K cheaper to research
    • Miners are 25% more expensive
    • Tech bases are 20% more expensive
    • Rescue probe scan range and sig are now equal to those of EWS Probe 1
  • Giga:
    • Lux Fig missiles per slot increased to 6
  • BIOS:
    • Light Interceptor energy increased 20%.
  • Belter:
    • Adv fig can mount 2 mg
  • Rix:
    • Hull reduced to 85% (same as Giga)
    • 2nd and 3rd enh fig rip times are now equal at just under 24.
  • Dreg:
    • Signature penalty increased to 11%
    • Station strength penalty removed, however repair rates halved.
    • Stations now share the faction scan range penalty
    • Missiles have 10% tracking and damage bonus.
    • Miners efficiency bonus and capacity/speed penalties removed.
    • Payday and starting money bonuses increased to 25%

Ga'Taraan Federation (2003-04-16)

Brief Faction Overview:

  • Formed by research colonies revolting against IC rule many years ago. Research oriented faction with lots of new available techology, but horrible econ. First Allegiance faction with 100% new models and skins. Designed by Orion.

Faction modifiers:

  • 10% base strength bonus
  • 11% shield bonus
  • 15% research cost bonus
  • 18% Ripcord time penalty
  • 5% missile tracking penalty
  • 10% hull penalty


  • No refineries.
  • All bases are upgraded by default.
  • Miners can dock at any base.
  • Tech bases cannot be built from the starbase - have to research Palisade Station first, which builds on generic rocks.
  • All new technology requires the Research Station, which, in conjunction with the appropriate tech base, enables the new technology. Research Station can be built on any tech rock.


  • No gunships.
  • No light or std ships.
  • Starbase + Research station lets you buy the Mustang. This is a medium class heavy fighter with a turret position and can mount hunters and light booster.
  • Starbase + Research station also lets you buy Guardians. These are not really ships but defensive manned skycap turrets with very little mobility.
  • Palisade Station lets you buy the medium class missile boat Corvette. Corvette carries a large load of MRMs as well unguided rockets Lightning and Thunder. With Research Station and Bomber research, Corvette can also carry a kinetic-launch bomb.
  • Scouts have a dedicated forward Nan slot.
  • Harbinger of Doom: Capship that carries the Sector Resonator. Mostly a mobilie reactor to initiate the "doomsday" reaction, slow with no offensive, cloaking or ripcord capabilities.

New Technology:

  • Enhanced Towers: Towers with more HP, damage and durability.
  • Rescue Drone: A med-low sig drone that can rescue pods.
  • LRR Lightning Rockets: Unguided rockets with 1.7K range good against light class ships
  • LRR Thunder Rockets: Unguided rockets with 1.7k range good against med and large class ships.
  • Kinetic bomb: Kinetic-launch unguided bomb carried by corvette with the same damage as AB2. Launch at 20 * ship speed.
  • EW Pulse laser: Gat3 damage long range, high accuracy laser gun for fighters.
  • MRM Zeus: Hybrid fighter missile with DF1 damage and MRM1 tracking and high CM resistance.
  • Mini disruptor: Disruptor gun for interceptors for use against capships and shields.
  • HTT Anti-RAM ballast: Increases HTT mass for higher resistance against ramming.
  • Ion Booster: Very-Low yield booster with very-low fuel consumption, meant for emergency return-to-base use.
  • EW Gauss Gun: Extreme damage long range sniper gun with very slow firing rate and very high signature.
  • Solar Inverter: Energy charger retrofitted to the cloak slot - raises signature.
  • Assault Carrier Upgrade: Gives carriers limited rip capability.
  • EW Heavy Nanite repair: Nan for Assault Ship.
  • EW Skyripper Low Energy: Low energy consumption skyripper.
  • Sector Resonator: Very costly aleph resonator that destroys entire sectors.
  • PW Striker: Close range "emergency" gun for destroyers.

Technology Tree: Research station lets you buy the following techs in conjunction with the appropriate station:

  • With Starbase:
    • Mustang
    • TP1
    • Guardians
    • Enhanced Towers
    • Rescue Drone
  • With Palisade:
    • Corvette
      • MRR Thunder
      • Kinetic Bomb (requires heavy bomber)
  • With Supremacy Center:
    • EW Pulse Laser (requires gat 2)
    • MRM Zeus (requires dumb 2, mrm2)
  • With Expansion Complex:
    • PW Mini Disruptor (requires mg 2)
    • HTT Anti-RAM Ballast (requires HTT)
    • Ion Booster
  • With Tactical Lab:
    • EW Gauss gun (requires Sniper 1)
    • Solar Inverter
  • With Drydock:
    • Assault Carrier Upgrade
    • EW Heavy Nanite Repair (requires Assaut Ship)
    • EW Skyripper Low Energy
    • PW Striker
    • Harbinger of Doom (requires Cruiser, Aleph Res)

All techs that require Research station are lost when Research station is destroyed.

Alleg+ Release 7 (2003-02-07)

Changed from Alleg+ release 6:

  • Misc:
    • Recon base has been removed.
    • Patrollers have a new icon.
  • Gar:
    • Heavy scouts are now available for 10K under starbase after adv scout. Mini AC turret now does half damage on utility hull. Heavy nanite turret repair rate has been improved to 150% of nan2 and it requires nan2 as prerequisite. If starbase is destroyed, heavy scout is no longer available.
    • Gunships agility has been improved to slightly-better-than-SF rates. Gunship topspeed has been improved from 80 to 100. Rix gunships now have 25% more ammo, and other gunships have 25% more missiles to match heavy bombers. Gunship scan ranges improved 25%, again to match heavy bombers.
  • Tac:
    • SRM Seismic missile damage improved 87.5%. MRM Seismic missile damage improved 50%, however total damage/slot remains the same. To make seismics more relevant, anti-ship guns no longer damage rocks, same behavior as in 1.25
  • Rix:
    • Rix station pod 1 HP has been increased from 50 to 60.
    • Rix Station pod 2 and heavy station pod 2 both have 25% more HP than mark 1.
    • Rix Station pod 2 and heavy station pod 2 both have 33% tighter spread than mark 1 to help with low profile targets such as TPs.
    • Rix Lancer's 50% firing rate nerf has been eased to a 20% damage nerf. Rix destroyers have 25% more ammo to provide the same amount of damage per load as before.
    • Rix stingers have been improved. In particular Rix Stinger 2 no longer runs out of energy on IC starbase (with heavy ballista).

Alleg+ Release 6 - Recon (2002-10-11)

Changed from Alleg+ release 5:

  • Misc
    • Recon has been integrated into Alleg+. Final stats on Recon are as follows:
      • Heavy scouts researchable in Starbase for 7500 after Recon base is built and advanced scouts are researched. They are based on Adv scouts except: Scan range is reduced to 1600, twice the mine and probe capacity, 4 missiles/slot, ability to dual fire missiles, lead indicator, 20% more energy, 20% more thrust, turret position that can carry either Mini AC (1K range, less than AC1 damage) or Heavy Nan turret (essentially a Nan 3 with 600 range)
    • Recon base is essentially a mix of an op and a tele. In addition, it requires a tech rock, has 3000 scan range, costs 10K, and is not galvable.
  • New cashbox allows players to transfer money in allied multiplayer games.
  • IC:
    • IC miners offload at tech bases again.

Allegiance Plus IC Rookies faction (2002-10-31)

The IC Rookies faction is basically IC with the following changes to aid the rookie commnader:

  • Pilot Perks:
    • Ship GAs: Speed, Sensors, Ripcord.
  • Commander Perks:
    • More Starting Money and More money on Paydays.
    • Miner GAs: Speed, Yield.
    • Research Cost 50% of normal
  • Other Perks:
    • Station GAs: Station Hull, Station Shield

Alleg+ release 5 - Final tweaks, IC, Patrollers and SY (2002-09-23)

Changed from Alleg+ release 4:

  • IC:
    • IC miners no longer offload at tech bases.
  • Sup:
    • Minepack 2 radius increased 20%.
  • SY:
    • Devastators are 20% cheaper to research and purchase. Assault ships are 20% more expensive to research and purchase.

Adjustments to previous changes:

  • Stinger 3 now requires advanced sup as intended.
  • Rix fighters' acceleration boost has been removed.
  • Tac nuke 2 has 25% more hull (similar to cruise 2).
  • Patrollers are 20% cheaper to research and now have the top speed and ammo capacity of scouts. They also load mines by default instead of probes.
  • Devastators no longer have extra heavy hull, but have 4K hp instead.
  • Skyripper damage vs caps tweaked to accommodate the HP change.

Alleg+ release 4 - IC, Belter and misc adjustments (2002-08-17)

Build 3 fixes the lux int bug and includes a couple of tweaks marked [build 3] below.

Changed from Alleg+ release 3:

  • Misc:
    • Light ints have 20% less ammo.
    • Guns that previously didn't hurt asteroids now inflict 0.25x (+) [build 3] damage. Rocks can be nanned as well.
    • All miner signatures reduced by 50% (so basic miner is down from 225% to 175% etc)
  • Gar:
    • Countermeasure strengths reduced 33% to 1.24 levels
    • MRM Seeker 2 range increased to 1430.
    • Dreg and Giga special mine strengths are increased to that of an op and a light op, respectively.
  • Tac:
    • Utl 1 does 12.5% less damage.
    • Killer 2 requires tac lab.
    • LRM hunter counter-measure resistance reduced up to 33% to match MRM seeker levels and better hunters lock faster now, instead of the other way around. (+) [build 3]
  • Exp:
    • HTT hull reduced to 800hp
    • Emp cannon damage on minor base shields increased 33%
    • Light boosters are no longer default on ints
  • SY:
    • Devastators can mount heavy cloak and have 4K HP (+).
  • IC:
    • IC heavy outpost cost increased 20% to 6K.
    • IC teleports no longer have heavy hull (thus are galvable)
    • IC bomber/gunship front guns are now tighter.
    • IC Cruiser and AS have a 20% purchase bonus but MF and Super Carrier no longer do. (rush control)
  • Belter:
    • Belter caps research costs is now 62.5% of normal, in line with other Belter ships, instead of 50% (rush control)
    • Belter carrier drones cost 20% less, in line with other Belter drones.
    • Belter int and fig masses reduced from 170% to 150%, with internal thrusters adjusted to keep non-booster acceleration the same. This matches belter stealth craft and scouts.

Adjustments to previous changes:

  • Cruise 2 hull reduced to 125, sig dropped to 0.4
  • Fighters mount minepacks by default
  • Rix lancer does x3 damage to asteroids (bugfix)
  • All descriptions revised - particularly, missile descriptions now indicate effective max range
  • Skycap shot spread increased to reduce effectiveness at range
  • Gat, mini, dis, galvs and killers do slightly more damage on heavy hull (rush control)
  • Dis, galvs and killers do slightly less damage on super-heavy hull
  • Turret damage on super-heavy hull increased to avoid making devs even better vs caps after the new boost
  • Fighter scan ranges set to 800/900/1000
  • Hunter-killer cm resistance restored to 1.25 levels.

Alleg+ release 3 - Inter-faction balance (2002-07-08)

Changed from Alleg+ release 2:

  • Dreg:
    • Dreg specific changes from Dreg 1.41 incorporated.
    • Dreg miners and constructors share the 10% scan range penalty.
  • IC:
    • Enhanced ships have to be researched and cost 3750.
  • Belters:
    • Belter payday has been increased to 500.
    • Belter enh fig has more fuel than other enh figs in line with other Belter figs.
    • Belter drones and minefields are 20% cheaper in line with other Belter consts.
  • BIOS:
    • BIOS light int has only as much ammo as BIOS int (450), and can carry heavy cloak with 1500 energy.
    • BIOS ints and heavy ints have 50% more energy (and thus cloak duration)
    • BIOS light sf recharges 25% faster and has 33% more energy.
    • BIOS TP1 and TP2 price increased to 5K each.
  • Giga:
    • All special mines nerfed to the lowest common denominator (1250 income, 125 sig, 4000 hull, 6000 cost)
    • Giga patroller has 100% more scan range, acceleration and top speed (+) same as scout and tighter gun mounts.
    • Lux fig can no longer carry probes, tp or proxy mines, but can mount galvs and has tighter gun mounts.
    • Lux SF missile capacity reduced 25%
    • Lux int has 20% less signature than heavy ints.
  • Rix:
    • Stinger 2 has been moved to adv sup as Stinger 3.
    • Stingers do more damage on shields than hull and Rix HTT has 20% less energy (making it easier to take down starbase shields but more difficult to kill bases with it)
    • Rix gets a seismic pod that can also be carried on Ballistas. To prevent Ballista abuse, seismics now damage rocks only. Heavy pods also get a distinct loadout graphic.
  • Gar:
    • Gunships now cost $1 to give commander control over allocation
  • Sup:
    • All enh and adv fighters can carry minepacks.
    • Figs have 20 to 25% more fuel.
    • Small shield has been moved to sup.
  • Exp/Ints:
    • Light ints have only as many CMs as regular ints (3).
    • Int base signature increased to 1.25.
  • SY:
    • Skycap shot spread has been halved to aid accuracy against ints. (+)

Alleg+ release 2 - Tech enhancements (2002-06-15)

Alleg+ Release 2 boosts underused tech in an attempt to put them into use again. There's also a miner upgrade, Rix sup nerf and treasure set enhancement included due to popular demand.

Changes from Alleg+ release 1:

  • Booster 3 efficiency increased, so that fuel consumption is no greater than Booster 2
  • EWS Probe 2 range increased to 650, EWS Probe 3 range increased to 850.
  • Figher scan ranges increased to 600 for basic, 800 for enhanced, 1000 for advanced.
  • LB1 is now the same as 1.25 LB2. LB2 provides 25% more thrust than LB1, at the same total consumption. LB1 signature reduced to 50%, LB2 to 25%
  • Aleph resonator now goes off in 10 seconds, standoff range increased to 2700.
  • Gunships now have the lead indicator for the front guns. One of the two forward turrets on the Rix Gunship removed and replaced by two gats. All gunships rip in 10 seconds.
  • All faction towers now have limited ammo and perfect accuracy. Tower scan range increased 20%, hp increased 25%.
  • Rix combat pods now have 25% more range and less spread as well as improved tracking.
  • A.Utl 2 and Mg 2 treasures appear half as frequently. Mine Pack 1 and Small Shield 2 added to treasure chest.
  • The rate at which Rix scouts and fighters can rip to the scouts has been significantly reduced. To compensate, Rix fighters now have 20% less mass.
  • Miner upgrade under starbase (for all factions except IC) gives Heavy Adv Miners with 20% more hull, 25% more scan range, 25% less signature when combined with Adv miner upgrade under exp.

Adjustments to previous changes:

  • Tac nuke hull incresed to 50hp, cruise hull increased to 125hp(+).
  • Super carrier research cost reduced to 8000, purchase cost reduced to 4000.

Alleg+ release 1 - Capships! (2002-05-02)

Alleg+ Release 1 aims to boost capships sufficiently to make them viable in games again. Note that boosted capships could be unbalancing in small games (8-10 per side) so SY off is recommended in those cases.

Changes from Dreg 1.4:

  • Capship longevity increased by decreasing damage factor of guns on cap hulls and large shields. Nanites are only 60% effective on caps to avoid overwhelming nan-trains and emp missile does only 1400 shield damage on caps. See the balance patch section of readme for details. To give you an idea, cruiser strength vs ints has not changed, and all other capships can be killed in less time than that (so don't expect ungodly caps). Detailed damage modifier changes will be released on MA.
  • All capships now have negligible inertia around the Z-axis, eliminating the aleph-spin problem.
  • Assault ship default loadout has prox mines instead of probes.
  • Killer-swarm agility improved to dumbfire 3 levels. All capships except missile-based destroyers and carriers have their side thruster effectiveness reduced between 25% and 50% to aid killer-swarms.
  • Tactical nuke HP increased to 50(+), cruise 1 HP increased to 100(+), cruise 2 HP increased to 125(+) with 40% signature, heavy station pod HP increased to 300.
  • Skycap area damage increased from 50% to 75%(+) of total skycap damage.
  • Lancer 2/3 bug is fixed. Lancer fire rate halved and it can hurt asteroids with x3 damage factor.
  • Pilotable "Super Carrier" researchable in shipyard for 8K(+) at a cost of 4K(+_ each. They have shields, countermeasures and one skycap turret. They also carry aleph-res, calthrop and tower drones.
  • Carrier drone cost has been reduced to 4K