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Special Operations Command (SOC) was a core, where new things were tested.

SOC added a new tech tree to Allegiance which allowed the team to research Torpedo Bombers and Speeders. It also tested the possibility of removing the Nanite Repair System from the game, resulting in the Phoenix faction years later.

Short Range Nanites & Bomber Shields (Was_Fired):

The new Bomber Shields are researched and available in the Garrison/Starbase. I later found out these are similar to Was_Fired's SOC core shields, but these recharge.

The whole concept of Nanites as they exist in the game right now does not fit well with the new factions I am introducing. I would like these new "nanite-less" factions to compete against existing nanite based factions, but this leads to some obvious balance issues so I created special Bomber Shields. These start with 400% more hit points than standard Medium Shields, faster recharge rates and will increase the Bomber's Mass by 300%. NOTE: Once researched, Nanites will also be changed into Short Range versions (25m) but will have double the strength to simulate a nan nerfed faction. Please try them out using multi-bomber attacks or escorting the bombers with Fighters/Interceptors/Gun Ships. Attacking Bombers equipped with these shields makes using EW Disruptors and EMP weapons a must! (See Statistics Below)

These will only be available to non-nanite factions in the final core.

— Quoted from Core maintainers, from DN 00.00.03 alpha readme (2004/02/10)


SOC Version 1.13

  • SRM Torpedo damage against minor base hulls doubled. SRM Torpedo damage against major base hulls increased by 70%. SRM Torpedo damage against minor base shields increased by SRM Torpedo damage against major and minor base shields increased by 50%. SRM Torpedo damage against light bases increased by 4.5 times. Note: With these changes 2 SRM Torpedos = 1 AB in damage against stations.
  • Rix Stinger Bomber total energy decreased by 200 and recharge decreased by 10.
  • IC Torpedo Bombers are now researchable.
  • All TBs besides Rix TBs require torps as a prequest.
  • Torp 1 research moved back to basic SOC.
  • Rix TBs require speeders to be researched.

Finally: All weapons can inflict some damage to all station hulls. Though not enough to over ride the station hull auto-repair ability.

SOC Version 1.12

  • Createn damage vs medium, large, and extra-large hulls and large shields boosted
  • Harrier damage increased slightly
  • Burst Boosters may only be used by fighters, speeders, or torpedo bombers
  • Burst Boosters require boosters to be researched before them, in addition their signature has been increased
  • Torpedoes can only be used by Torpedo bombers but do damage against all bases
  • Torpedo Bombers can no longer carry anti-base missiles
  • Torpedo Bombers require Speeders to be researched before them
  • Torpedo Bombers, Speeders, and Adv. Speeders now carry two dual strikes per slot
  • Flak Turrets no longer do increased damage against missiles
  • Bios and Rixian Torpedo Bomber energy capacity and regeneration rate reduced

SOC Version 1.11 Description

What the SOC does

The SOC core adds the SOC tech tree to Allegiance. It does not interfere with any games not running the SOC core. The latest version of the core allows and adds different icons for SOC ships.

What SOC stands for

SOC stands for Space Operation Command.

How it is added

All SOC research items are at the bottom of the garrison tab. SOC ships use old ship models but hopefully in time that will change. The SOC tech base looks like a large outpost but it has tech base stats and health. Finally no other tech trees are altered by the core.

What's the point?

Allegiance was built on the idea that one tech tree must be defeated by another and defeat another. This relationship between them never actually existed so it upsets no system to add a fourth tech tree (if SY is not included).

What does it do and what is it for?

SOC ships are built to be fast, high damage, and long range. They handle and respond in a very different (faster) manner than most ships in the game. All speeder (SOC fighter) mounted weapons have a range of over 1km. This is offset by weakening factors such as damage, ammo, or speed. The SOC tech trees weakest points are its complete lack of stealth and weak hulls. Finally instead of General Advances (GAs) the SOC tech tree has extra toys for other ships which can be researched.

What are the ships?

The SOC tech tree has two ships: (Adv.)Speeders, and torpedo bombers. Speeders are a fast, long range, light fighter with powerful weapons built for hit and run. Speeders have the ability to attack minor bases with createns (heavy cannons). Torpedo bombers are fighter/bomber. They have the speed of and maneuverability of a fighter with the ability to carry two anti-base missiles. TBs may also use createns.

What are the guns?

There are two guns used by the SOC tech tree: harriers and createns. Harriers are a long range version of a gatt but they do less damage. Createns are a completely different weapon than anything else in Allegiance. It has a slow fire rate but each shot does extreme amounts of damage to hull (less to shields). Createns can maul bombers making nanite swarms useless. No SOC weapon excels against shielding but harriers are not effected by it nearly as much as Createns (Createns do 35% normal damage vs light and medium shields. Harriers do 50% normal damage). Createns are also very slow projectiles so are ineffective against fast moving targets.

What are the missiles?

There are two missiles made by the SOC tech tree: dual strikes, and torpedoes. Both speeders and TBs may use both of these missiles. A dual is basically two seeker missiles shot as once. Only one dual can be loaded per rack so it is not as efficient as missiles for other tech trees. Torpedoes are anti-capital ship missiles. One torpedo can do as much damage as 3 killer missiles. Though a speeder can only load 1 torpedo a slot (TBs can load 2).

Other stuff?

Because all available GAs are already used by other tech trees the SOC tech tree offers equipment for other ships. The stuff it adds are as follows: burst boosters, flak turrets, armor, and recon probes. Burst Boosters are boosts with a faster acceleration but a shorter life span than standard ones. Flak Turrets are a capital ship and gunship only turret (not for bombers). They have a shorter range and lower damage than skycap turrets but they have a massive area of effect so even if you miss by a lot (50m for mark 2) you will still do a little damage (farther the miss the less it hurts). Flak turrets also do 10x normal damage against missiles for when that is required. Armor is one of the most powerful elements in the SOC tech tree. Armor offers a much stronger (3x) shield for bombers but it will weaken itself so it has a limited period of use. Also armor does not recharge so it can not be unloaded for stealthy approaches. Finally armor can not be repaired by nanites. Recon probes are a new type of static defense. While they have no weapons recon probes are built by layers (like towers) and have a massive scan range. They are unarmed but protected by a low signature and to a lesser extent the fact they look like small asteroids.

Where to research stuff for it?

All SOC research options are at the bottom of the garrison research menu.

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