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Money contributions help the server admins offset the monthly costs of running the servers that Allegiance runs off of. There are several groups that can use your gifts to keep Allegiance running.

Important notes about the contributions
  • The "FreeAllegiance Organization" (FAO) is not a registered charity, non-profit organization, nor any other "formal entity." It is just a made-up name given to our hodge-podge of people passionate about Allegiance who have committed themselves to keeping the game alive.
  • Any payments made to the FAO paypal account ( should be considered "gifts" from you to the owner/operator of the FreeAllegiance Organization paypal account. These payments are not donations, are not eligible for tax receipts, nor do they posess any other benefit to the payer.
— Quoted from Tigereye in this announcement


Paid for by Tigereye, FreeAllegiance keeps the forums, ASGS, and beta servers online. This post details how contributions work and how they are spent.

You can contribute money to FreeAllegiance in two different ways:

  • The preferred method is to contribute through the forums: use this webpage to transfer money to Tigereye. This method will have your forum account upgraded automatically.
  • If you've already purchased a Paid Subscription, you can contribute money manually via PayPal. Use as the recipient of your payment.


Paid for by Grimmwolf, pkk, and Zapper, the EU GPZ servers are the only servers not hosted in North America. They provide a low lag alternative to our European players while still providing a decent lag for North American players.

You can help keep the EU GPZ server running by donating through PayPal to


The Planet servers, based in Texas (US), provide an option for pilots in North America and around the world. With eight fully-redundant Tier 1 bandwidth providers feeding the data center, it is one of the fastest and most reliable in the world. In addition, the server is 100% dedicated to running the Allegiance Server process.

To show your support for the Planet servers, please send contributions to FreeAllegiance itself.

Forum Administration, ASGS Administration, and Stripe Gameserver

Most of the back-end work these days is performed by Tigereye, who donates his free time to administer Allegiance. This includes forum administration, unlinking callsigns where appropriate, maintaining the autoupdate service, and writing new tools to allow the ZoneLeads to administer Allegiance without requiring admin intervention.

In addition to the volunteer work, Tigereye hosts the Stripe server, which provides low lag game servers for North American players.

To show your support for the Planet servers, please send contributions to FreeAllegiance itself.

Mesial Mods site

Mesial hosts many HUD, GUI, and texture upgrade packs on his website.

You can help keep Mesial running his site by donating here.