Who pays for Allegiance?

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The people paying for Allegiance are the ones running the servers. Although many players contribute money to help run these servers, the majority of the costs are paid by the people below.

Allegiance Main Servers

Server Owner Location
freeallegiance.org forums Tigereye Toronto, Canada
ACSS, Lobbyserver Tigereye Toronto, Canada

Allegiance Game Servers

Gameserver Name Owner Location Status
(As of August 9th, 2014)
Mach2/Mach3 pkk Nuernberg, Germany Operational
Stripe/CSS Tigereye Toronto, Canada Operational
TestUS2 AEM East Coast, USA Operational
Planet2 aarmstrong Texas, USA From time to time operational
3FL iinet and Westnet Australia Offline
DocMach pkk Cologne, Germany Offline
GPZ Grimmwolf, pkk, Zapper Rotterdam, Netherlands Offline
Slayer Spunkmeyer Missouri, USA Offline
Solap FreeBeer, MrChaos, Sgt_Baker Virginia, USA Offline
ThalServe Thalgor Texas, USA Offline

Allegiance Content Servers

Server Owner Location
Development - Beta Server pkk Nuernberg, Germany
Development - SVN / Trac Tigereye Toronto, Canada

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