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                  jjjj    ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
                  jjjj    ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
                  jjjj                                        ttt
                          uuu     uuu      cccc    kkk    kk  ttt    
                          uuu     uuu    ccc  ccc  kkk   kk   ttt      oooo
                  jjjj    uuu     uuu   ccc    ccc kkk  kk    ttt    ooo  ooo
                  jjjj    uuu     uuu  ccc         kkk kk     ttt   ooo    ooo
                  jjjj     uuu   uuu   ccc         kkkk       ttt   oo      oo
                  jjjj      uuuuuuu    ccc         kkkkk      ttt   oo      oo
                   jjjj      uuuuu     ccc         kkk kk     ttt   ooo    ooo
                   jjjjj               ccc         kkk  kk    ttt    ooo  ooo
                    jjjjj               ccc    ccc kkk   kk   ttt      oooo
                      jjjjj              ccc  ccc  kkk    kk  ttt
                        jjjjj              cccc    kkk    kkk ttt
          jjjj           jjjjj
          jjjjj         jjjjj   =============================================
           jjjjj       jjjjj    =============================================
             jjjjj   jjjjj

juckto started playing Allegiance mid 2005. Since he has always been a nerd and spent too much time playing computer games (without the normal collary of spending too much time learning how computers work - he relies on his brother Arkof for that) he quickly became adept at the game and was recruited by PK.

He continued spending too much time over the next two years playing Allegiance and 'forum-whoring', until he was recognised as a good-to-great player.

He still bums around under a Hider occasionally, and makes the even more occasional squad game. He also keeps an eye on the Allegiance Wiki site since he was made a Moderator of it in November 2007 in recognition of his contributions to date (yet another thing that went to his head).

His name is spelled with a lower case j.

juckto's mishmash menagerie of mods

These are the mods I use, and thereby reccomend that you do too.

  • AEM's Default Loadout button.
    • Shifts this button so you don't accidently click on it at the worst time.
    • Download
  • Autohotkey
    • Very useful. Now, while I haven't done anything as hard-out as madpeople, I have made a couple of useful scripts allowing me to use the Numpad better. See below.
    • Script's won't work if you don't have AHK installed.
  • Azaron's targetting brackets.
    • An aesthetic mod. Changes the square brackets to diagonals.
    • Download.
  • Dengaroth's Wrench
    • An aesthetic mod. Main reason I use it is cause I was the one who came up with the idea.
    • Download
  • FlingPu's missile lock.
    • Somewhat aesthetic, somewhat clears-screen-of-clutter.
    • Download.
  • juckto's Keyboard config.
    • Everyone has their own setup and this is mine.
    • I started by having all my targeting and cargo management on the left, and dogfighting on the numpad. Then in the centre is an absolute mess of stuff I added as I realised I needed it ... then when I started using AHK I moved more buttons, leaving great big gaping holes in the layout which make no sense to anyone looking at it.
    • Here's a colour-coded picture of the layout.
    • Download. Note that parts of it won't work if you aren't running my AHK scripts.
  • juckto's Silencer Mod
    • Just some .wav files to overwrite the defaults, making the game a lot quieter (for instance I got rid of "Autopilot engaged/disengaged").
    • Readme included.
    • Download here.
  • Mesial's reticle
    • You really, really shouldn't be flying with the default crosshairs. I dunno if Mesial's is the best, a lot of people use TheBored's, so I'll link you to the page with both.
    • Mesial's reticle page.
  • TeamSpeak
  • Weedman's pointers.
    • Very nice, bright, 3-D pointers that make it a lot easier to find your target.
    • Download.

juckto's AHK scripts

Num Lock to Cloak

#IfWinActive Allegiance
Send {f11}

So this rebinds Num Lock to F11 (which also means you can never accidently turn it off in the middle of a dogfight, btw), and I have F11 bound to cloak. Why? Because if I left it as 'K' I would never get used to hitting Num Lock instead.

Num Enter to Ripcord

#IfWinActive Allegiance
Send {f12}

As above, but F12 is bound to ripcord.

Need repairs

SendInput {enter}All{tab}{tab}{tab}~nx{enter}{tab}{enter}

Sends a "Need repairs" to everyone in the current sector. Note that you need to rebind Alleg to accept ~ as well as ` for quickchats. Note also that I have Up as teamspeak button.

Attack my target

SendInput {enter}All{tab}{tab}{tab}~5{enter}{tab}{enter}

Sends an "Attack my target!" to everyone in the current sector.

Come to me

SendInput {Enter}^gme{Enter}

Disengage mouse, drag a box around a miner, hit F9, profit.

Go home

SendInput {Enter}^gGarrison{Enter}

ZOMG Alleg is gonna die!

Just for shits and giggles I'm tracking all threads where people claim Alleg is going to die

Forum code version:

 [url=""] Oct 16, 2010[/url]
 [url=""] Apr 15, 2010[/url]
 [url=""] Dec 25, 2008[/url]
 [url=""] Apr 29, 2008[/url]
 [url=""] Jun 16, 2007[/url]
 [url=""] Jan 31, 2007[/url]