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In short, Allegiance looks to be one of those rare games that dishes up plenty of fast action but which also requires serious strategical planning if you hope to enjoy success.

PC Gamer

Not at all unlike its definition, Allegiance requires obligation, support, dedication, and loyalty to one's team to succeed.


If I had to describe Allegiance in one word, ambitious would probably just about do the trick. Microsoft's Allegiance combines elements of strategy and real-time combat into a massive multiplayer online-only space-action game that seems to have all it's creative juices flowing.

Game Over

What a game like this needs to succeed is a good physics model, and a good navigation and communication system. Allegiance has both.

PC Gameworld

...first true online team play experience...Allegiance’s ability to keep team play diverse as well as place significant importance on territory and technology are certainly some of its best aspects.

Gamer's Alliance

It combines the best points of your everyday RTS game with the white knuckled action of a space combat simulation. In addition, Allegiance is played exclusively online, thereby creating an incredible multiplayer experience.

Game Raiders

Every game is eventually going to be judged by its gameplay, in terms of immediate satisfaction and, especially, lasting value. Allegiance shoots and scores! Not since Tribes have I played a team-game so addictive and fun to play. It's almost impossible to figure out where to start raving about the gameplay in Allegiance. That's how good it is.

Firing Squad

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