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News from MSN Gaming Zone website, now in chronological order.

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CNET Editor's Choice Award and 20 Other Great Reviews

The Reviews continue to stream in - and, yes, we just love to share them with all of you.

Allegiance Wins CNET Editors' Choice Award!

Blending space-shooter action, real-time strategy, and massively multiplayer team play, 
Allegiance is staking an early claim to both space combat and online game of the year. 
- 9 out of 10 

What Other Critics Say

All in all, Allegiance is a great game. A great space combat game, with nice combat and
strategic elements, played over a stable and well maintained network. 
- 5 out of 5 stars
- World
Kickass Gameplay. Allegiance has an amazing combat system which ties in perfectly with
the team and RTS aspects. It is just absolutely amazing. 
- 93% 
As a rule, I hate exclusively online games! I am vehemently opposed to paying $40+ for
the software and then having to pay $10 a month to play online. Allegiance, however, is
the exception. 
- 91% 
- Gamezilla
Allegiance is an extra deep game with addicting gameplay that will have you playing for
hours. Don't think of it as Wing Commander online; think of it as a new strategy game, in
which you are a part of the whole. 
- 89% 
- Voodoo
Overall, Allegiance is one of the best multiplayer games in it's own right. As a multiplayer
space game, it's the best. 
- 85% 
- The Oxygen Tank
Microsoft's Allegiance a must for online space gamers
“Complete”is the ideal adjective to describe this game, and “unique”does justice in
describing the game-play. Purchase your copy, strap on your helmet, strap on your
spacecraft, turn out the lights, and lose yourself in the fantasy.
Allegiance is another step towards online-only gameplay. It's a complicated one as well,
requiring the player to get used to the game through the tutorial and good old-fashioned
trial and error. Either way you learn, you won't be let down. The Allegiance community is
a mature one filled with the more dedicated members of the online gamer crowd.
- 83%
- Alloy Gaming
Allegiance is one of the most complex online games I've come across; if it is not the only
fully realized online-only space sim yet developed, it is certainly the most multifaceted.
- 4 out of 5 stars
- GamesFirst
The best team based online multiplayer game around.
- 4.5 out of 5 stars
Star Wars fans, Trekkies and experienced online gamers will flip for this highly realistic
and engrossing space-battle sim.
- 3 out of 4 stars
- Time Digital
Their contributions to such specialized multiplayer game mechanics (like respawning and
user configurable game roles) will no doubt inspire future games and designs. As an
evolution of the recently conceived genre of multiplayer only games, it is a resounding
- 8.8 out of 10
- Strategy Gaming Online Editor's Choice
- Strategy Gaming Online
In terms of technical achievement, Allegiance is a great game, paving a path for future
multiplayer games to follow.
- GamesDomain
[Allegiance] is definitely one of the hotter titles I have had a chance to play this year, and
certainly one of the best online games to come out in a while.
- 4 out of 5 stars
[Allegiance is] ambitious, unique and undoubtedly sets the standards for future multiplayer
games of its kind.
- 85%
[Allegiance] combines the challenges of tactical squadron-based combat, intense one-on-one space
dogfights, and amazing graphical and sound effects into a space-action experience like nothing
you've seen before. - 5 out of 5 flames -
Allegiance is a must-have for space combat sim fans.
- 86%
Microsoft did this game just right. They kept it simple enough to allow instant enjoyment, and
they included enough detail and strategy to make it fun over the long haul. If you enjoy space
games, and think that playing them with a slew of people online is a great idea, then Allegiance
is a must-buy for you.
- 91%
Allegiance is an ambitious game with a lot of potential. The gameplay is uniquely addictive, and
the visuals are excellent. The concept of fighting with real opponents for inter-galactic
dominance has some definite appeal. The fact that the game offers strategy, action, tactics, and
simulation all rolled into one will strike a positive chord with many gamers.
- 85%
Plain and simple... Allegiance ROCKS. Hopefully, players who aren't normally drawn to space-sims
or real-time strategy will give the game a chance. They won't regret it. Allegiance is the kind
of game that will have you barking taunts (and curses) at your monitor. That's always the mark
of immersion, I say.
- 87%
I played for over a year in a prominent X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter clan, and I played Descent:
Freespace until my eyes swam, so I feel qualified to tell you: Allegiance is the best multiplayer
space sim ever made.
- 9 out of 10
However, once in a blue moon, MS Research comes together to develop a program that is completely
new, revolutionary, and a complete pleasure to use. In this case, the product in question is a
game, and a rather good one at that. Excelente.
- 8.16 out of 10 
- 3D Game Argentina
To fully try to explain the terrific presentation and execution of Allegiance is like trying to
summarize the bible in one sentence. This experience must be tried personally. The game is fun,
encompassing, sophisticated without being overwhelming, and most importantly: addictive.
- 9.5 out of 10
Gorgeous, deep and ambitious, Allegiance is a superb game.
- HIT!
Allegiance is a rich, intense action game that will keep you busier than Han Solo on the
Death Star.
Allegiance stands as a remarkable achievement; perhaps the most revolutionary online game since
Tribes, and the most important space sim since Freespace. Starlancer will not push the
boundaries of the genre; Allegiance does.
- 32BitsOnline

Allegiance 1.2 Is LIVE!

Our second major update, Allegiance 1.2, is live now! What does this update offer?

  • Allegiance 1.2 gives players Carriers - a first in online gaming. Now you can fly your carrier into enemy territory and dispatch all your fighters in a massive assault!
  • Allegiance 1.2 brings the fifth faction to Allegiance, an alien race called the Rixians! These alien craft have no missile capability but can drop gun pods to fire at all enemy craft.
  • Territorial Win condition - now owning 75% of the sectors will allow players to win the game.
  • Resign and Draw are now vote-enabled meaning 70% of all players must agree to the call or the Commander can't resign or draw.
  • Commanders can now earn points for commanding their team to victory.
  • Numerous other balance, gameplay and UI issues have been addressed making the Allegiance 1.2 update the biggest update to Allegiance yet!

Following is a complete list of the changes made in the 1.2 update. These changes can also be found in Allegiance's READ-ME file. We hope they add to your enjoyment of the game!

User Interface Changes:

  • If you have changes for your input configuration, you will need to remap your keys.
  • The pilots of a ship with turrets can "promote" a turret gunner: the pilot and gunner swap roles. Shift-Y, shift-U, shift-I & shift-O to promote turret 1 - 4.
  • Probes and minefields display a "time left" bar in the "all" radar mode.
  • The radar icons for treasures have changed slightly. In most radar modes:
    • Treasures that will, if recovered, give your side a new technology are shown with a 'T' icon.
    • Powerups are shown with a lightning bolt icon.
    • "Useful" treasures (e.g. missiles that your ship can launch, or ammo if you have a mounted weapon that uses ammo) are shown with a "+" icon.
  • If you are ripcording, the sector mini-map will display a red triangle in the sectors were you will ripcord to another ship and a red diamond in the sectors where you will ripcord to either a teleport probe or a teleport receiver.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Sectors now have limited stability. Each ship (and to a lesser extent drones, eject pods and turrets) chips away at that stability. When a sector becomes unstable (starting at about 37 ships) all ships in the sector start taking damage until the sector regains stability. The more unstable the sector, the more damage is incurred. You will be notified if your ship starts taking damage due to sector instability.
  • Brawl maps can support up to 36 players.
  • Shipyards can be disabled from the new game screen.
  • The countdown victory condition has changed. It is now a time limit and the winner, when time runs out, will be based on the victory conditions picked for the game. The conditions listed first in the game state pane are tested first to determine a winner.
  • For example, if you are playing a conquest and prosperity game and time runs out, the side with the most starbases will be the game winner (even if the other side has made more progress on the reinforcements development). If both sides had the same number of starbases, then the side with the most progress towards reinforcements will win. Number of kills (followed by lowest number of deaths) is always used if none of the other victory conditions defines a winner.
  • A new victory condition has been added: Territory. A territory game ends when one sides has sole control of 75% of the map's sectors (meaning they have a station in the sector and the other side does not). This is not a legal victory condition on the smallest maps.
  • A new game option has been added: map connectivity. This will randomly remove some redundant alephs from the map (an aleph is redundant if there are two distinct paths between its endpoints).
  • If the pilot of a ship with turrets quits the game, the first turret is promoted to be the ship's pilot.
  • If you launch a missile at a ship you cannot see, the missile will not track. If you launch a missile at something you can see and lose sight of it before the missile hits, the missile will continue to track normally.
  • "Commander" wins and losses are now being tracked. A team's commander is the person who was in command for the greatest amount of time (and may not be the person who was in command at the end of the game).
  • Scoring change: the pilot of a ship gets points for ships killed by the turret gunners. Bomber, gunship, & frigate pilots get 1/4 the points scored by a gunner, light cruiser pilots get 1/5 the points, and cruiser & devastator gunners get 1/6 the points.
  • Anyone can now type "#resign" in the chat pane to propose that his or her team resign. The members of the team will then see the issue proposed to them, and can vote in favor of or against resigning by pressing insert or delete, respectively. After 30 seconds if the majority vote to resign, the team will resign.
  • Any team member can type "#draw" to propose a draw. His or her team will then get to vote on whether they wish to offer a draw. If the majority of that team votes to offer a draw, the other teams will then have a chance to vote on whether they wish to accept the draw. If all teams accept the draw, the game will end without either team gaining a win or a loss.
  • Ships that are in the process of ripcording may not drop probes or minefields, or fire fixed weapons. The turret gunners are allowed to continue firing.
  • Activating a ship's ripcord deactivates its cloak.
  • Ripcording to an assault ship will reduce the assault ship's energy. If the assault ship does not have enough energy to pay for the ripcord at the time the ripcord completes, then the ripcord will be aborted. Assault ships have a maximum of 4000 to 4800 energy. The cost of ripping to an assault ship depends on the ship that is ripcording:
    • Fighter, patroller, enhanced fighter, or advanced fighter: 500.
    • Stealth fighter or advanced stealth fighter: 750.
    • Scout, advanced scout, or stealth bomber: 1000.
    • Gunship. bomber, or heavy bomber: 1250.
    • Troop transport or heavy troop transport: 1500.
    • Capital ship: 2250.

Balance Changes:

  • Assault ship is now researched at shipyard 2 and gains the "relay lead indicator" ability. If a friendly assault ship can, personally, see your target, then you get a lead indicator.
  • Assault ship armor has been reduced by 25%, speed has been reduced to 100 mps.
  • Every faction can purchase up to 4 carrier drones. These drones will go where they are told to go and will never run. Players in small craft can land at a carrier drone to get repaired, refueled, and rearmed. Missiles and other expendables will be replaced, and more advanced parts will be installed (if available). The player's hull will not be upgraded. Basic attributes:
    • Researched for $10k at shipyard 1, purchased for $6k.
    • Speed 100 mps, signature 100%, 7000 armor, no shield.
    • It has the relay lead indicator ability.
  • LRM hunters, MRM seekers & SRM dumbfires missiles do 25% to 100% more damage to shields, interceptors and heavier targets.
  • The signature penalty for carrying a mounted LRM hunter has been increased to 100% (from 75%).
  • LRM killer missiles are more agile and ships can carry more of them in cargo.
  • XRM cruise missiles do 33% more damage.
  • SRM nerve gas missile is slower and bigger.
  • A teleport probe 2 can be researched at the advanced supremacy center (provided you have researched teleport probe 1). This probe takes 15 seconds to activate (vs. 30 seconds for the teleport probe 1).
  • The SRM anti-base 3 can be researched at the advanced supremacy center. This missile is identical to the SRM anti-base 2, except that it is faster to arm and fire (3 seconds vs. 4 seconds).
  • MRM aleph resonator can be researched at the starbase and carried by the heavy bomber. Note, however, that the MRM aleph resonator is very heavy and will significantly degrade the maneuverability of a heavy bomber.
  • Light boosters consume 30% more fuel.
  • All enhanced fighters energy capacity and recharged reduced to that of a normal fighter.
  • All advanced fighters magazine capacity is increased 25%.
  • All stealth craft take 15 seconds to ripcord.
  • All capital ships that can ripcord take 20 seconds to ripcord.
  • The bomber is no longer a prerequisite for researching the gunship.
  • Normal miners & constructors have 20% more hitpoints.
  • Advanced miners & constructors have 17% less hitpoints.
  • All bombers and gunships now have two fixed weapons.
  • Energy capacity of assault ships has been doubled.
  • "Small constructors" are used to build outposts, refineries, teleport receivers and (Gigacorp) mines. These constructors have half the hitpoints of the regular constructors and a lower scan range. They also only take 90 seconds to build.
  • Gigacorp light outpost, refinery & teleport receiver are 50% more expensive to build.
  • Gigacorp must research its special mines before they can be built. They are researched at the garrison ($10,000 for each type). The income from the special mines has been increased to $1,000 per minute (from $750 per minute) and their price has been reduced to $6,000.
  • Belters pay about 30% more for station upgrades ($8k for garrison, $20k for others).
  • Belter miners are 25% slower at mining He3. They retain their improved efficiency.
  • Belter assault ship can carry all of the smaller missiles.
  • Belter enhanced fighter and advanced fighter can no longer carry the LRM killer missiles.
  • Belter enchanced fighter can no longer use the stealth weapons.
  • Iron Coalition miners mine at normal speed, but carry 25% less He3.
  • Iron Coalition starts the game with enhanced fighter, advanced fighter, stealth fighter, advanced stealth fighter, interceptor & heavy interceptor already researched. They must still build (or capture) the corresponding research center in order to use the ship.
  • Iron Coalition no longer starts the game with the XRM cruise missile 1 researched.
  • Iron Coalition fighters, interceptors & bombers have had their guns moved closer together.
  • Bios start the game with heavy cloak 1 researched.
  • Bios stations are 20% stronger.
  • Bios get a lt interceptor as soon as they complete an expansion complex.
  • Bios get a lt stealth fighter as soon as they complete a tactical laboratory.
  • Bios can build mine pack 1's as soon as they complete a supremacy center.
  • Bios fighter, enchanced & advanced fighters can carry mine pack 1's.

New Faction: Rixian Unity.

  • A race of aliens has joined the Allegiance Zone. They are not available in the free zone.
  • Key differences between the Rixian Unity and the other factions:
    • Rix craft are agile in the yaw axis and not very responsive in the pitch axis.
    • With the exception of the MRM aleph resonator, no Rixian craft can fire a missile.
    • Rixian scouts, advanced scouts, enhanced fighters and advanced fighters can ripcord to scouts or advanced scouts. As with the assault ship, the scout's energy is consumed when a ship ripcords to it. Scouts have 1200 energy; advanced scouts have 1500 energy.
    • The Rixian can research pod fighters and bombers at the tactical laboratory. These craft drop combat and station pods instead of using missiles. These are short lived gun towers that will fire on nearby enemy craft and stations.
    • Rix weapons have longer ranges than comparable weapons of other factions.
    • Rix weapons do more damage than comparable weapons of other factions.
    • Rix ships are less heavily armored than comparable ships of other factions.
    • They can research new technologies very quickly compared to other factions.

To the Allegiance Players (2000-07-13)

We are well aware that disruptive players exist in the game - players using “colorful”language, players being abusive towards others, and players sabotaging games in the face of fair play.

We have heard your complaints and are dealing with this important issue. An updated Code of Conduct will shortly be published, and tools are being provided to the on-line team in order to enforce this new Code.

If any player would like to voice their feelings, thoughts or concerns on this important issue, please feel free to write to:

We appreciate your patience, and want every player to know that we're working quickly and diligently to resolve this matter. As always, your enjoyment of the game is our highest priority.


What is going on with the lag? (2000-07-18)

"Lag" is a term commonly applied to any perceived slowness with your connection to the game. It manifests as your movement being slowed and a long period of time between your action and the world's reaction - such as attacks occurring, or objects moving.

A few things look like lag but are actually slowdowns on just your system. For example, if you are in an area with a lot of complex geometry, such as a crowded sector, your computer and graphic card may have a hard time keeping up, and your screen will only be updated a few times a second. This is not really lag as it is commonly called. A visit to our technical support resources (see the inside cover of your Allegiance manual) may help you get the most out of your computer's performance.

"Bandwidth lag" can crop up when you are in a crowded area such as a sector, especially when you first enter. The game servers are rapidly sending information about all of the many things going on there, and you are using up your entire allotment of the "pipe." This is unavoidable, but space is a huge place with many places to explore - spread out a bit!

”Internet lag” develops in your connection through the Internet to our servers. Signals from your computer go through many "nodes" on the way to our datacenter (where our servers are), and any of those nodes can cause a delay in that signal, which causes the perception of lag. It will usually not affect many people at once. While you are lagging in this way, the person next to you may not be. "Internet lag" caused in this way is utterly beyond our control - the nodes are owned by other companies. The Internet is indeed chaotic and nobody can guarantee good Internet connectivity all the time. If you suspect this kind of lag, try a different Internet Service Provider, and use an Internet diagnostic tool to find out where the slowdown might be occurring. A "traceroute" to may be indicative of your connection to the AC servers, though not always fully indicative - your route to may end up looking better than your route to the AC servers actually is. We are working on better ways to help you diagnose your connection.

"Datacenter lag" is like “Internet lag” above, but the slowdowns occur on nodes which we do own and control. We are constantly on the lookout for these issues and will work tirelessly to fix them. If you feel you have proof of datacenter lag, please let us know about it by providing Internet traces showing this.

"Game server lag" is when our game servers bog down with too much to do - too many people and objects are demanding too much calculation. This will affect everyone in one particular sector. Our population has now grown to the point where at peak times some of the game servers are not quite able to keep up.

As always, our highest concern is players' enjoyment of the game. We apologize for any problems arising from lag issues, but please be aware that the team is working non-stop to correct this problem.

Thank you.

Allegiance lag update (2000-07-20)

We are continuing to try to trace and fix the lag problem that has been affecting numerous Allegiance games. When the problem first appeared, it was believed to be connected with the event logging performed for all games.

However, we've been able to rule out event logging as the cause and are currently logging all data from the Allegiance game servers. We have just installed the latest DirectX8 code and are continuing to explore possible fixes.

We appreciate your patience in this matter as we work to investigate and resolve the lag and disconnect issues that have been plaguing the games.

NOTE: We do have the ability to pause a server so that players can play out their games before we shut them down. If you're in a game that others can't see, chances are that your game is on a paused server. Try restarting your game and it will be created on a server that is not paused.

Also, we have suspended all AZ events until we have fixed this lag issue.

As always, our highest concern is players' enjoyment of the game. We apologize for any problems arising from lag issues, but please be aware that the team is working non-stop to correct this problem.

Thank you.

Game Voice (2000-08-11)

There's a hot new piece of tech entering the system, and it's no mere GigaCorp patch. One of the slickest game controllers -- ever -- has just been developed. The Sidewinder Game Voice is now available, and promises to add a whole new level of play to Allegiance -- and every other on-line team game out there as well!

We all know the thrill of blasting your enemy's ship right out from under him. But isn't half the fun trash-talking just before you press the trigger! And how far would you even get in the game without coordination among your teammates -- it's called Allegiance after all for good reason.

That's where the Game Voice comes in, making great aspects of the game all that much better, not to mention infinitely easier to handle. Game Voice is a game headset and control pad that enables both voice commands and voice chat over the Internet or LAN during game play. What this means for you:

  • Team Communication: The solution to the communication gap. Don't waste time typing in commands to marshal your forces -- or talking smack with the guy on your tail. Game Voice is instant voice communication.
  • Voice Commands: Powerful voice recognition software means you just say the magic word to use critical game functions. Better than any mere hotkey. Your voice is a weapon.
  • Multi-Channel Chat: With 5 distinct channels, talk to the your partner, your wing, your team -- or everyone in the game at once, up to 64 players!

And More! Check it out at

Don't just take our word for how great it is. Head over to the Allegiance Downloads page and check out the Game Voice Share free download yourself! Bring the power of voice to your games . . .

Allegiance 1.24 Goes Live!

Our next major update, Allegiance 1.24, will be going live September 29th!

Please note that all Allegiance servers will be down during the installation of this update, from approximately 10 AM PST to 1 PM PST.

This update has been added solely to fix some of the more persistent bugs. What does this mean as far as game play?

1.24 Update:

  • Players with failed connections are cleaned out more efficiently.
  • Docked players no longer inundated with heavy server message traffic.
  • Drones no longer message players redundantly.
  • More efficient DPlay parameters.
  • Numerous back-end server modifications for efficient packet management.
  • Top three client crashguard report bugs fixed.

Also, once you've had a chance to play the 1.24 update, tell us what you think. Comments, questions, suggestions: just send mail to

Next Balance Changes (2000-10-03)

All Allegiance servers have been brought back online, following today's bug fix. In addition, we are currently at working planning the next Allegiance update. Unlike the 1.24 update, dedicated to bug fixes, or next update will largely involve balance changes.

As always, we are most interested in what you, the players, have to say. And, in order to make this next update the most enjoyable as far as game play, we want to hear your suggestions.

For example, here are some of the issues we have already heard and are considering balance changes for:

  • The Rixian Unity has been weakened too much.
  • The Rixian Destroyer, however, is still too powerful.
  • The BIOS are too successful, especially in large map games.
  • GigaCorp receives too much money, too quickly in the beginning of games.
  • Hunter-killer missiles are a little too powerful.
  • The Teleport-2 Receivers are too powerful.
  • Cap ships merit stronger armor and shields for their cost.

Please continue to tell us what you think. Just send all suggestions for the next balance changes to:, and please write BALANCE in the subject line.

Microsoft Allegiance Sweepstakes

Final List of Winners

In order to give thanks to our loyal Allegiance players, Microsoft recently hosted an Allegiance Appreciation Giveaway. Since September 9th, we drew the name of one person a day to receive a Sidewinder Force-Feedback joystick, continuing for fourteen consecutive days!

The final results are back, and we're pleased to announce the lucky winners of the sweepstakes:

Name   	 	City   	 		State   
Grimwing   	Lafayette   	 	Indiana   
Natural_Wizard  Colorado Springs   	Colorado   
RDO_X_2   	Sparkill   	 	New York   
ASF_P_Zeta   	Deer Park   	 	Texas   
Rogue_Seether   Bakersfield   	 	California   
St_TeutKnight   Grand Prairie   	Texas   
_A_C_E_S_SQ   	Redcar   	 	Cleveland   
Torshinator   	Dardanelle   	 	Arkansas   
Miserablism   	Hamilton   	 	Ohio   
DarklingGlory   Oakville   	 	Ontario   
_soul_reaper_   Frederick   	 	Maryland   
kith_kannon   	Dracut   	 	Massachusetts   
degauss20   	Worcester   	 	Massachusetts   
Kyonen   	Calgary   	 	AB (Canada) 

The Future of Allegiance (2001-05-15)

Get ready for a major change: Allegiance is switching entirely over to the Free Zone lobby, making the game completely free to play! The reviews have remained stellar (even getting a nod from for Best Simulation Game of 2000), but subscription numbers no longer justify continuing Allegiance in its current form.

The Allegiance Team has always appreciated those hardcore fans who've made the game one of their favorites. We've repeatedly stated that players' enjoyment of the game is our highest priority, and we continue to stand by that statement. So forget the whimper, we're going out with a bang!

In the coming months, Allegiance will be given its final patch update. This patch will not only transition the game from subscription-based to the Free Zone lobby model, but will also implement the following changes:

  • All five factions will be free to play in the Free Zone lobby.
  • Games can be set for 64 players maximum, instead of 32.
  • A set of balance changes will be made.
  • The Allegiance Zone will be removed. AZ features will become part of the Allegiance Free Zone (except for AZ Stats).
  • Minor bugs will be fixed.

Out of respect for a truly great game and in appreciation for all its die-hard players, Allegiance will continue to operate free of charge. Continue your fight for system superiority -- and our deepest thanks for making Allegiance the phenomenal gaming experience it has been!

Final Allegiance Statistics (2001-05-15)

Throughout the past year, sectors have blazed with the wrath of faction gunships, spreading conflict from the remains of Old Earth to the Rixians' homeworld of Lapi. Yet as always, while individual contributions help turn the tide of battle, only coordinated team effort wins the war. To help commemorate the past year of incredible stellar action, we've compiled the following statistics:

Match-up   	 		Games   	Wins   	 	Losses   	Ties   
GigaCorp vs. GigaCorp   	 75   	 	 72   	 	  0   	 	 3   
GigaCorp vs. IC   	 	524   	 	216   	 	286   	 	22   
GigaCorp vs. BIOS   	 	341   	 	160   	 	174   	 	 7   
GigaCorp vs. Belters   	 	188   	 	101   	 	 81   	 	 6   
GigaCorp vs. Rixians   	 	 91   	 	 45   	 	 44   	 	 2   
IC vs. IC   	 		227   	 	212   	 	  5   	 	10   
IC vs. BIOS   	 		671   	 	330   	 	314   	 	27   
IC vs. Belters   	 	372   	 	200   	 	153   	 	19   
IC vs. Rixians   	 	290   	 	162   	 	122   	 	 6   
BIOS vs. BIOS   	 	 60   	 	 56   	 	  0   	 	 4   
BIOS vs. Belters   	 	211   	 	 98   	 	105   	 	 8   
BIOS vs. Rixians   	 	111   	 	 38   	 	 69   	 	 4   
Belters vs. Belters   	 	  0		 19   	 	  0   	 	 4   
Belters vs. Rixians   	 	 67   	 	 20   	 	 44   	 	 3   
Rixians vs. Rixians   	 	 29   	 	 28   	 	  1   	 	 0   

While we strive to provide the highest level of gameplay, it's the players themselves who make the game a truly enjoyable experience. Our thanks to all those who flew missions, night after night, for their beloved Allegiance factions. We look forward to seeing you in the game!

--The Allegiance Team