Error: 'Specified Account does not exist'

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The callsign you have tried to log in with does not exist on the ASGS database.

Most likely cause of this error

You haven't finished registering the account. It's a two step process:

  1. Create a new gameplay account here
  2. Go to your email service, open the automated message, and click on the link within the email to confirm the account.

Once those two steps are complete you should be able to log in.

Note: Your forum account is seperate from your gameplay account. Registration of one has nothing to do with registration of the other.

Other possible causes of this error
  • You mistyped the callsign.
  • You mistyped the password.
  • You added your newbie tag.
    • For instance you typed johnsmith(3) when you should have typed johnsmith.
  • You added a tag for a group you don't belong to.
    • For instance you typed johnsmith@CDT when you haven't been added to the Cadet roster yet.
  • You mistyped a tag.
    • For instance you typed johnsmith@SQPR when you should have typed johnsmith@SPQR.
  • You added a token you don't have permission to use.
    • For instance you typed +johnsmith when you're not a Zone Leader.

If you're still experiencing problems, post a new topic in the Helpline Forum following the template in the Read Me First.