How do I remap my controls?

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The Allegiance installation defaults to a keyboard layout that most players find very unpractical. There are several ways to edit this configuration to a more usable one.

To edit your control scheme, either:

  • Do it yourself
  1. From ingame, press ESC and then select Game Options GMap Key and Controls C.
  2. The key mapping screen will appear. Follow instructions on screen and when you are done click on Accept.
  • Download a pre-made configuration
  1. If you might want to go back to the previous configuration: Backup the inputmap1.mdl file in the Allegiance/Artwork directory on your hard drive.
  2. Download a pre-made configuration file in your /Allegiance/Artwork directory and replace the old inputmap1.mdl file.

Note Changes made to your keyboard layout in the single-player training missions do not carry over to online gameplay. You'll have to configure the keys separately for online play, possibly in a sandbox game.

Conversely, training missions 1-6 will use the default keymapping: to load your custom keymap just open the KeyMapping dialog (ESC,G,C), and simply hit Accept without making changes.

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