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User interface mods are mods made by the community to change the visual appearance of menus and dialogs in the game. These mods can change anything from the loadout pane to the credits screen, but most focus on your in-game HUD itself.

There are several UI mods made by the community. Their creation process, however, is not trivial. Read this article for more information on the modding process..


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Stemmed from the initial modifications by Ksero, CortUI is the most commonly used user interface modification.

Made and maintained by Cortex, CortUI improves situational awareness through larger chat windows, always-on minimap and loadout panes and a few alternative HUDs contributed by Raveen, parcival and FlingPu.

Support is being added for seamless integration of other alternative HUDs.

You can download this mod from the CortUI website. Updates are published on Cortex' blog.



This HUD, by Madpeople, contains only some of the CortUI features and is not actively maintained. You can download this mod directly from madpeople's blog.


ZFHUD was made by Zero_Falcon in view of several HUD components obstructing the player's view while flying (particularly when they are expanded to show more information, such as the minimap). ZFHUD removes HUD backgrounds to improve visibility while still allowing the player to see info on the HUD.

Download: Software style HUD download:

GUI mods

This mods modify the look of Allegiance's menus and in base screen.

SlisptreamUI ^extract in artwork folder Made by Maximus

Mesial's modpack

Mesial's modpack