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Who is Apoch

My name is Drew Im 23 I fly for PK I am the community core, ICE wizard

Communtiy Core

I am the creator of the community core, and a current core developer on the team.


I am the current developer of Warpcore. I created Warpcore intitally based off of Rock Paper Scissors core. The idea was to introduce some new ships for people to mess around in. I have created seven official releases of warpcore and it has been quite an interesting journey.

Warpcore 1 - was based on RPS and added alot of cheesy stuff, it was pretty unplayable. Warpcore 1.1 - Fixed some of the issues with some of the stuff I had added. Warpcore 2 - Went further and I added a huge amount of stuff in this release up to 30 different super ships. Warpcore 2.1 - Probably my most successful release of warpcore to date, it hhad up to 40 different superships and over 30 peices of unique tech


Warp 3.0 was a projected I had started to create a real balanced core. I based this core off of Allegiance +, I think i did kinda well with this release but it did have a few bugs which i later corrected in 3.1

Old Skool

I decided I was bored trying to get people to play warpcore seriously so i reverted back to my old cheesy core adding new and more interesting stuff, it's far more supership balanced that the previous releases, Currently its called WarpcoreX1.

The next release is due out very soon.

Crono's Thoughts on Apochboi

  • He ripped off NAVYBOYUSA.
  • Loves the colour Pink too much.
  • He's Scottish.
  • He's ex-XT (two X's aren't doubly cool).
  • Thinks he's pro at the game.
  • Has too high of an ELO.
  • Hangs around on IRC.
  • Is fairly cool, if not for the fact that he's a bit of a gimp and should be arrested.
  • He's friends with the other Bri'ish. Goddamn I hate those smarmy Pom scumbags.
  • Otherwise, Apoch is God's Gift to Allegiance and since the advent of Malicious Wraith, has become a better person.