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Note A few members of our community have prepared many customized targeting reticles for easy download. They are available from Mesial's site.

Allegiance's targeting reticles are 64x64 bitmap images (although larger images may be used for larger reticules) stored in Allegiance's own .mdl format. The exact files containing the targeting reticle in the Allegiance folder are located in the artwork subfolder:

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Allegiance\Artwork\centerinbmp.mdl
  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Allegiance\Artwork\centeroutbmp.mdl

The centerinbmp file is used when your target is "in" your line of fire, and the centeroutbmp file is used when your target is "out" of your line of fire.

You can create these files by using any graphics program such as Microsoft Paint. The easiest way to do it is to take an existing centerinbmp and centeroutbmp and modify them to your liking.

To do this, you will need to use the MDLUtility available in the downloads section of the forum. Follow these steps to customize your reticule:

  • Use MDLUtility to export the bmp files from centerinbmp.mdl and centeroutbmp.mdl
  • Open the extracted bmp files in your favorite image editor
  • Modify the image however you like making sure you do not change the filesize! It must remain 64x64 pixels!*
  • Save your modified image
  • Use MDLUtility to import your modified bmp files into new mdl files

NOTE: If you want to use a reticle that is larger than 64x64 pixels, follow these steps: (this is also an alternative to using MDLUtility for conversion from *.bmp to bmp.mdl)

  • Using Your_Persona's MDLC, select your centerin.bmp and centerout.bmp files in the program mdlcMasterBat.exe.
  • Click 'Run Batch'.

Once you have created your mdl files, simply replace the centerinbmp.mdl and centeroutbmp.mdl files in your artwork directory (making sure Allegiance is closed first!) and launch Allegiance. That's it!

Be sure to backup your existing .mdl files in case you want to revert to the originals!!

Below is a link to a guide on how to make New Style Reticles (which offer a better degree of judging accuracy):