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Outdated content This page does not reflect the current state of things.

Some information within this article is either obsolete, hasn't been updated in a long time, incomplete, or otherwise invalid.

These games are designed to get your level of skill up and help everyone work on their teamwork skills. Squadded players and Cadets only please!

Please ensure you bring at least 3 squadded players, Tags required, no hiders or mercs. CDT's are welcome!

Squad Scrimmages

Title: Squad Scrimmage Thursdays.

Mission: Gather your squad mates and assemble, evaluate the number of players and decide upon a game below. Match up the teams appropriately and engage in highly competitive team based squad action.

Objective: Highly competitive team work oriented games.

Who: 3 or more squad members sporting their Tags.

Where: Allegiance Squad server, No specific name.

When: Every Thursday Night, 9pm Eastern Daylight Time. -4 GMT


Gather on the server of choice and based on player numbers and squad participation organize into either one of the games below or another that is more appropriate for the activities the squads want to partake in. Games do not have to be pure conquest. Coms can talk and if squads desire they can do alternate activities like basic tech vs bombers. Pure on back and forth bomber runs and defense, Miner offense and defense etc... While pure on conquest hell matches will be prominent, mix it up now and then. This is an open time where squads can practice with other squads. Use your time wisely.

Possible Games

Multi Squad on Squad action

Divvy up into even teams, pick teams by picking squads. Basically each side will get a commander. The commander will then pick a squad to join his side. Basically it's a pick team style action, except your picking squads and not individuals. Shouldn't take long. Both commanders can then look at the teams and ensure they are close to balanced, doesn't have to be by HELO. Then mix in CDT's to help even out, with or without regard to numbers imbalance. Commanders can then decide if they wish to add players throughout the game or keep it locked sides.

World Game

If the numbers aren't available for a good conquest game, probably 20 or less and the people available are looking for something different and challenging start a Squads vs. the World game. Basically you would go back to the main server, take over a side and have all squads join that side. Set imbalance to NA and make sure the world has at least double your numbers at launch.

Uneven Odds

Basically one or two squads vs all other squads or one squad and CDT's vs. all others. Similar in format to world game but more controlled. Get the world side to have twice the numbers, roughly. The point is to make it very challenging if not impossible for the under gunned side. This will work great in instances where one squad shows up with good numbers and you have a lot of smaller numbers on the other squads with CDT's.

Scrimmage or Training

This is basically a squad game but not. Commanders can do things like hold adv tech. pit each side against each other on specific tasks, like Miner D and O, or Bomber runs etc... This will work great if you have relatively few squads available, but both have decent numbers, say 4 squads with 5 members each. Divide into a 10 on 10 and mix in CDT's.