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Chat packs are community mods that rearrange the voice chat menu in Allegiance.

Common chat packs

There are a few commonly used chat packs in the Allegiance community seeking to best organize the voice chats key bindings. The only difference between these packs, indeed, is a rearrangement of the hotkeys for each of the voice commands.

For example, consider the hotkeys for the quickchat "Found enemy constructor. Request assistance!"....

  • In Default Allegiance, the keys are `CB (Commands → Builder).
  • In Cort's pack, he moves the voice chat to the "Find" menu, making the new order `F1 (Find → 1).
  • In Tiger's pack, he creates a submenu for all of the "Find" quickchats, with a submenu for all of the "Found..." voice chats. Thus, the key sequence is `FFO (Find → Found → cOnstructor).
  • In Valor's pack, the command remains the same "`CB" (Commands → Builder).

Since these mods are (mostly) only rearrangements of the existing quickchats, there is no "best" chat pack - it is a matter of personal taste. Try each one out for yourself and see which one you like best.

If you have any questions, visit the Helpline Forum.

Other chat packs

Badp's chat pack removes duplicate and spammy quickchats from the menu, while rearranging the remaining commands in a more logical, visually clear order. Key bindings have not been changed whenever possible to aid transition. This chat pack is available in two versions, default and TigerEye. This chatpack does not get broken by the autoupdate system.

2007 Chatpack Spam-fest

Several new chatpacks were released over 2007, including Duke Nukem/Family Guy/Star Wars/Futurama. Unfortunately no "useful" chats were created, only "funny" ones.

Players without these new chatpacks were flooded with "Unknown chat" messages whenever players sent these voice chats, which quickly led to a patch being incorporated into R4 that 'muted' unknown chats.

Creating a Custom Chatpack

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Chat packs are created by editing the "quickchat.mdl" and "sounddef.mdl" files.

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