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Post by Arson_Fire »

heh heh, phoenix
I want a gunship with front guns and turrets like laser blossoms, it also deploys laser blossoms. Practically useless, but it sure will be pretty.

Almost forgot, name it the Disco Inferno.
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Post by IANF »

i want a nix vanguard with 4 mounts 4 guns and all vulcans. an extremly high amount of ammo and energy (vulcans). and a great sheild plus a hyper drive with boosted stats (esentialy a hyper drive 2). and a hvy cloak and 25 qfs per rack and lots of prox mines. with my name. :D :D :D :D :D :P :P :P :P

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Post by jpomailo2 »

I want a Balistick missile. A constructor that is faster 120-mps or so and does massive damage to bases, just tell it to build on an base and watch it seek and destroy it. That would be a cool SY tech.
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Post by Gothmog »

I want a sf with miniguns and a large shield and 10 dual launch qfs per rack. A sf that doesn't need stealth. ;)
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Post by Weylin »

I want an uber repair craft that has two mounts, the main one being a laser-based long range nannite repair beam (Blue laser?). And the second being a mid ranged nannite projectile with low rate of fire, and AoE covering 200m or so.

Call it the... uhh... WEYLINATOR MKII

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Post by Makida »

I want a really well-balanced ship that, looking at its stats on paper, looks very weak and fragile, but becomes very powerful in the hands of a skilled pilot. For example, say it could be very easy to kill, but it would also be very manoeuvrable, so you can easily evade enemy fire if you know how; and its 1-2 guns are powerful, but difficult to use (e.g. both short-range *and* low fire rate, but high damage). Also, next to no sensors, and no deployables of any sort; and a boost that is mostly useful for manoeuvring, and eats fuel up far too quickly to be really useful for getting around.

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Post by lexaal »

I want the "square" faction...

everything is squared: OP price 5000x5000 = 25 000 000 Cr. Nan Range 400x400= 160 000 m
and this faction doesn't have mini 2 and 3. It has mini 1 mini 4 and mini 9
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Post by IANF »

i have a better idea

i want a flagship 4 with four guns and four turrets. unlimitaded extreme cloak (110% of the sig reduced(-10 sig)) the guns are sc5, ac5, or the bfg (rps) the turrets are the same. capable of fitting 20 nukes per rack or any other missle that can be fitted on a ship (apropriate amount per rack) and 20 hvy station pods mk2 and any other op thing you can think of. :notworthy: :D :D :D :D :D

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Post by nebulaleader »

How long will this take.
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Post by Camaro »

Oh about TwoWeeks™
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