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Post by Tigereye »

It'll be on autoupdate soon

IPB Image

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Post by ImmortalZ »

KGJV wrote:
QUOTE (KGJV @ Sep 17 2007, 12:45 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Looks appealing.

any url to download it or will it be available thru autoupdate soon ?

* Phoenix no longer exists

why ?

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Post by General_Freak »

Aren't GT scouts small enough? They're already basically little rectangles.
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Post by Narg »

I really don't understand what you did with tf...
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Post by Gandalf2 »

Yeah why have you made them even slower?? Their cons are painfully slow as it is.

Saying that though, I like about 80% of your changes, have no opinion about 15% and dislike about 5%, so overall I like smile.gif
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Post by Drizzo »

He made TF slower yes, but so much more stronger. Check out the plas gens on RPS and you'll get a feeling to the uttercheese that a "bomb" in space is. (No I do not mean BFB). Fair trade I believe.
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Post by Death3D »

All work and No OmniFigs or Lxy Scouts make Death3D a dull boy.

Good job on giving scaleups and scaledowns to stuff that needed them and for actually making TT's useful. Love it.
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Post by Myotis »

Looks interesting smile.gif (not that I am a very experienced player but still)..

why the increase in belter ship size? they are already very easy to hit.. and I am a bit surprised by the smaller GT scouts.. but will have to try it out to see mrgreen.gif
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Post by juckto »

* TF no longer gets light versions of ships automatically[/quote]
Do tf get a lt gs?
Have you undone tf's 4.60 damage nerfs?

Extra slow scouts with no lt boost unless you go exp... those plas bombs better be cheese.
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Post by Gappy »

TF does NOT have the DN 4.60 damage nerf. In fact, all PE weapons deal equal (and I believe in one case more) damage to their PW counterparts.

TF and Bios need testing, quite frankly. If they're too weak, they'll be perked as needed, but I will not reduce their research time.

The light gunship is intended as a cripple to balance out bios GS cheese. No other faction besides Bios has to research the Lt. gunship before the regular gunship.

The He3 yield GA was removed because the Exp economy is already vastly better than every other economy, primarily because you have to buy such few technology to be effective.

Until the files are put on AU, you can find them at http://pk.dras.us/users/Gap_Dragon/VoSCore%20Files.zip
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