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Post by Spunkmeyer »

I posted something in the SysX forums today along the lines of "disregarding capships...." - that gave me a pause. Why disregard capships?

Why do only mid sized games see caps, and only if they last forever? Isn't it because caps are way too expensive?

What if caps were cheaper?

And weaker?

We'd still keep the same A+ multipliers, so mg wouldn't be hopeless, and cap hull wouldn't be a joke vs galvs, but the HP would go WAY down. Effectively it'd only be about twice as good as a bomber vs std weapons, and not much better than a bomber vs anti-cap weapons. Perhaps.

But they'd be cheap. Your basic MF would be only a couple of Gs. We'd see a lot more shipyards and caps, not too early in the game because the building requirements would still exist and research would be expensive.

Thoughts? Poke holes in this idea.

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Post by Pook »

Difficult to balance TP2 drops + cheap cruisers that fire cruise?
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Post by aem »

Cheap caps ought to have no ripcord ability or a very long one

I would like to see cap ships more often though...maybe modify the code to allow core devs to set limits on the number of certain types of ships a team can have at one time.
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Post by Greator_SST »

...fact is, most new players to this game start off screaming for capships (if they're lucky enough to have ever seen one). They love 'em. We ought to encourage that more often. Vets may not like them because they're either cheese or lumbering cows, but after all, we ought to do everything we can to attract and keep new players.
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Post by tmc »

why use a cheap @#(!ty cap instead of a bomber though?

Unless you also have more advanced cap further in the SY, and this is merely an incentive to get the SY built.
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Post by madpeople »

But they'd be cheap. Your basic MF would be only a couple of Gs.[/quote]
like a dn corvett?

could be done with a sliding scale

basic sy has small ships, as you upp your sy, you get bigger ships.

so early game, you can efford the small ships, but then later game, its not such a big hop to get a full cruiser
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Post by Dengaroth »

Pook wrote:
QUOTE (Pook @ Oct 31 2006, 03:25 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Difficult to balance TP2 drops + cheap cruisers that fire cruise?

The EoR way:

No (real) cap (destroyers can manage, under super-specific circumstances) can ever rip to a tp2 (riptime limitations), Caps don't kill major bases until the DryDock level.

Don't know how it works out ingame yet (still needs more actual play time), although the feedback so far was positive.
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Post by jgbaxter »

Caps on EoR are pathetic though, so it doesn't much matter. laugh.gif
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Post by jess_i_74 »

Pathetic? They have more hull than some bases.

But it's ok if you disagree with the design philosophy; they are boring to fly. smile.gif
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Post by Raveen »

So what exactly is your plan Spunk? Are caps going to be Bomber+ and Gunship+ rather than big bad momma's? IS SY going to be a tech path in it's own right or a support for the other techs?

How about giving SY a basic but upgradable GS/stang type ship like each other tech has it's own main 1 player ship? Then you can add in the true caps as extensions/alternatives to the BBR/GS techs. I'd try to keep manpower requirements to a minimum to help caps scale better in small/large games.

What about the SY techs? I'd be tempted to keep things fairly simple and relate the weapons to normal AB/EMP missiles with maybe a simple twist to make them unique but not confusing.

I think the main reason SY is not used is a) cost, B) unfamiliarity (which SY techs should I buy as com?) and c) perception of weakness in games large enough for caps to not be overpowering.

Feel free to disregard any/all of this but I'd be interested in what you think of my ideas.
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